10 Waxes And Styling Tips On Thinning Hair You Should Know
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10 Waxes And Styling Tips On Thinning Hair You Should Know

With thinning hair, you may find it a bit difficult to style. It could be to increase the volume of the hair or keep it in line all day.

However, you can still enjoy it until the end of the day. What’s more, the nice bulging, the texture with the suitable special products below.

1 – Blumaan Ascend

This is the first product I think of when I write this article. With thinning hair, we want a solid texture as well as thickness. Known for Blumaan lions build a fine hold on thin hair. Blumaan Ascend continues this success.

When applied to damp and dried hair, the PVP ingredient in Ascend gives a sense of the rhino Blumaan. Furthermore, sunflower oil gives very lightweight and very good absorption. As a result, hair is thick, smoother, and smooth with extra smooth wax without any problems.

In addition to creating good thickness on thinning hair, dry thick hair can be used to replenish moisture – strong hair.

2 – Hanz de Fuko Quicksand

With thin hair, we match cream products rather than clay. In fact, there are two types of Clay in Quicksand: Bentonite and Diatomaceous Earth. Since it is not as hard as the horse Blumaan, Kevin Murphy Rough Rider, Quicksand can be called Cream, or Wax.

You may not know, Quicksand contains a lot of ingredients that you cannot find in any hair wax: burdock root, rooibos tea. A LAB room in America that takes advantage of the good ingredients found only in the Orient. This you can see when rubbing your hands, although very dry, a still a thin layer of essential oils appears.

Once on hair, Quicksand dries instantly and miraculously creates a voluminous hold. After using Quicksand, it’s hard to find your next favorite. Especially, for those of you who have long hair, soft silk + easy to fold.

3 – Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic + Cashmere Coat

The Billy Jealousy suite attracts us from its very special name. Fuzzy Logic – Fuzzy Logic and Cashmere Coat – Cashmere Coat.

As its name implies, the Fuzzy Logic shampoo gives hair a mild dryness. This is very interesting for your oily hair. When the oil can be removed from your hair, it will leave you with a matte styling while on wet hair. Like the finished wash, the Quicksand is on her hair.

Next, the name Cashmere Coat – Cashmere Coat is like a cashmere sweater that you can see every winter at a Fast Retailing chain like Zara or Uniqlo. Conditioner gives hair a soft, silky shine.

As a result, after rinsing or drying the hair, the hair will have a firm, glossy, healthy, and beautiful thickness.

4 – Dapper Dan Matte Paste

Thin hair does not like heavy lines of wax. DapperDan, unlike the Wax Cream lines, is special when retaining the true Classic style. Your hair will be slick when using Dapper Dan, soft when combing. The product creates a light shine, not too oily (greasy).

This is because DapperDan’s ingredients are traditionally rich: from sheep, fat laonin to petrolanium. In particular, the scent of DapperDan will conquer anyone who is the most demanding.

DapperDan Matte Paste is suitable for every outfit from work to street style.


When thinking of pre-styling sprays for thinning hair, Hair Bros has considered writing Bonafide and Sidekick. But in reality, a gentle pre, preventing hair from breaking requires low bonding composition. With performance-oriented products like Bonafide and Sidekick, you can use it at low sprays.

However, to increase the relevance factor, and a smooth experience, you can use MOJITO products. When it dries, the hair feels light. At the same time, in the meantime, the ginseng essence from the product will gently penetrate the hairline.

Ginseng is known as an ingredient that helps prevent DHT, enhances hair growth from base to tip.

6 – Shear Revival Northern Lights

The next product that came to my mind was a form of Matte Paste. The Shear Revival Northern Lights can be mentioned immediately. Anyone who has used Shear Revival Northern Lights products will find a special style in making Shear Revival products.

It is a style towards very high perfection. From the smallest detail, how smooth the wax and the aroma combination achieve the most perfect experience. You can also especially love the packaging of the products because the design is printed with metallic ink, giving it a super nice shimmer. And this technology is also extremely limited in the world.

7 – By Vilain Dynamite Clay

After going through the products about Clay, Paste. We go back to wax. A typical wax product is By Vilain Dynamite Clay. Appearing in Vietnam since 2015, the feeling of holding the first pots of Dynamite Clay is very special.

Until now, Dynamite Clay’s styling performance kept up with the latest trends. This can see the versatility of By Vilain’s products. Dynamite Clay stands out for its good adhesion, mild hair wax, and a very seductive vanilla scent.

8 – Mermaid Tear

Let’s take a look at the hair care products market for thinning hair. We demand products that help create thick, strong hair. By using a variety of essential oils in combination, Mermaid Tear offers different strengths from grapefruit oil, coconut oil, Argan oil, grape seed oil, and Vitamin B5.

Grapefruit essential oil, you can often see in Vietnamese culture, mothers often use grapefruit juice as a shampoo for hair conditioner. Sure, you are probably familiar with the scent of bodhi, and grapefruit that evokes childhood memories.

Coconut, too, is a fruit that grows in Ben Tre. Foreigners especially like coconut water, and the nutrients from the coconut. Certainly, coconut must bring a great effect when the largest Amazon store in the world, always receives thousands of positive reviews from coconut oil.

9 – Dryer

When choosing a dryer, we prioritize the capacity used. Good power helps shape the hairstyle and prolongs the hold time. Hair Bros prioritizes the following factors: good capacity, modern design, and reasonable price.

Products are designed according to modern industrial design. Completely different from previous curved designs. It is the design that Chinese manufacturers learn from big firms like Panasonic and Philips.

At the same time, products are OEM from reputable factories. By reducing the branding factor, there is a very comfortable price: 300,000 VND. The return period is up to 90 days.

10 – Paddle Brush

To limit hair loss, the design of the comb teeth is quite important. The Paddle Brush is made of premium materials. And this Paddle is especially suited for soft hair.

When combing Paddle, it is a natural massage, increasing blood circulation on the scalp. This, in turn, has numerous benefits for the hair.

Above are personal experiences from customer consultation and product experience. Hair Bros always wants you to have the best moments when using products from the shop.

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