5 Benefits of Using Wireless Monitors

Using a set of tools, WNM continuously and proactively monitors an entire network, even the various devices on it. This includes any hardware like access points (APs) and wireless routers as well as user devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. It maintains a reliable connection for the organisation whilst checking these all these devices.

The idea is to discover and rectify any problems with the network before a user detects the problem, thus providing seamless Wi-Fi. Due to the fact that wireless networks are largely made up of wireless devices (the clue is in the name…) it means that there is a lack of physical interfaces that would alert network managers to any issues, which is why it is so important to constantly monitor these networks to avoid outages and downtime.

What are the benefits of wireless network monitoring?

1. Ensure business continuity and increase productivity

As we said at the beginning of this blog, most businesses rely on dependable wireless internet to keep things running efficiently. Wi-Fi massively benefits employees, enabling them to stay connected wherever they are on the premises. Using WNM effectively means that network managers can detect issues in good time to reduce outages and disruption to business practises.
It goes without saying that this goes a long way towards improving employee productivity and satisfaction. Not only will they be working more efficiently, they also won’t need to make support calls, saving time and money.

2. Avoid network downtime

Today, most people will have wireless, wearable technology on their person at all times, which means more wireless devices in a network than wired. The great thing about Make Monitors Wireless all these devices and gives network managers the chance to address any issues quickly and accurately.

3. Solve WLAN problems before they reach users

One of the biggest benefits of WNM is the ability to diagnose and solve a problem before it’s even detected by an end-user. This reduces complaints, possibly even eliminating them altogether. End-users can’t complain about a problem that they’re not aware of!

4. Easy access through cloud hosting

What’s really great is that cloud hosting can be used. This means that access can be gained from anywhere, instantly. Another big plus for businesses is that it helps avoid maintenance like software updates or lengthy backup processes, as they are done automatically. This means there is also no disruption to the network’s performance or user experience.

5. Total visibility into Wi-Fi performance

The network manager, or other permitted users, are able to view the WNM system from anywhere in the network, meaning they have visibility of the entire organization’s Wi-Fi performance. This also means that any configuration changes can be made immediately and with ease by network managers.

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