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5 Things You Must Ask From Packaging Manufacture Before Buying Custom Box Packaging

Getting the best packaging for your product requires some effort and hard work on your part. You need to focus on this aspect of your product as it is the first impression that you are giving to shoppers of it. Know exactly what you want before going to visit the packaging manufacturer. Do your research carefully. There are some things that you should ask the manufacturer which can help you choose the most perfect custom boxes.

The following are 5 of these things:

What packaging material do they have?

You need to choose a packaging supplier that has excellent quality packaging materials. The material you choose influences the strength of your custom boxes. You need to fulfill this main aim of packaging, i.e. to keep your product safe. If a product gets damaged in any way, the business will get a bad reputation.

This is why you need to ask the manufacturer what material options they have. Ask them which one will be best suited for your product. Different items have different needs. You have to choose the one that will be perfect for your merchandise. For instance, food items need boxes that do not have chemicals which can spoil the food. The food has to remain fresh in the box as well.

The supplier should have material options that will suit a variety of products. Good ones include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These are all strong. You can get cardboard in the strength of your choice. This allows a business to create custom boxes that will keep the product secure.

Do they have sustainable packaging solutions?

Nowadays all businesses need to look for “green” packaging solutions. People are more conscious about what pollution and global warming are doing to the environment. Water bodies are getting contaminated, temperatures are changing, icebergs are melting, etc. Natural resources are being depleted as well. Packaging can cause much waste when it is done recklessly and carelessly. This is why many consumers are demanding that brands create environmentally friendly packaging.

The manufacturer should have materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, can be reused, etc. They should not lie around polluting the environment. These materials like the ones mentioned above are also strong so they will maintain the security of your merchandise.


What information should be printed on the box

Use custom box packaging to inform shoppers about what you are selling. For this, you need to know what details should be printed on the box. Ask the suppliers this as they may have experience packaging products like yours. It is vital to only add those details which are needed. You should not include too much information. This makes the box look confusing. Consumers also take only a few seconds to decide if they want to buy your product. Make sure that this time counts.

If you are selling food items, for instance, you will have to tell the ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturing, and expiry dates, how to store, quantity, flavor, warnings. These help customers know about the food product and whether they want it. You can include signs like the Halal one which tells Muslims whether the food has ingredients that are suitable for them according to their religion.

The supplier may be able to tell you what information to include that will make shoppers see why your product is better than that of the competition. These details have to be included prominently on the box so that they can be noticed.

For instance, if you are selling skincare products that have all-natural ingredients, state this on the box. If the item has been dermatologically tested, let shoppers know about this.

How to increase brand awareness?

The packaging manufacturer should be able to tell you how you can use custom packaging to let your brand be known. It can get an established presence and be seen as a reputable brand. To increase brand awareness you should have a logo. This must be printed on the packaging of all your products. It will be used by shoppers to recognize which items are from your business.

Other details should also be included cleverly on the packaging. This includes the physical address of your business, contact details, email address, social media links, eCommerce website, etc. The information will help shoppers know more about your business. They can also contact you if they have to. Consumers can visit your eCommerce website when they know its address.

Availability of custom packaging and wholesale deals

Ask the supplier if they have custom options present. These will help you create the most perfect box. It should be possible to create the perfect size box suitable for what you are selling. Size is important because a box that is too large can damage what is inside. You will be wasting money on material that is not needed. Transportation costs will be more also. A really small box will congest all the items within. It can harm them.

The supplier should allow you to choose the shape box you want as well. A unique shape can stand out in a store. Ask the different printing methods available which will be able to create a unique box.

Custom wholesale boxes should be available as well. There must be some deals when buying packaging in bulk. Some businesses can benefit from these discounts and deals.

Many points need to be kept in mind when getting custom boxes. Make sure you have done your research properly. Know what your product requires and what your customers want from packaging. Research on who your consumer base is so that you can design packaging according to their needs. Choose a supplier that will answer your questions and help you out as well. They should have experience packaging products that are similar to yours. They will then know what customers are drawn towards.

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