6 Halloween Hairstyles To Try In 2020

And before you knew it – it was Fall again! 2020 has been one hectic year, but it hasn’t dampened our Halloween spirit! If anything, we’re more excited than ever to get a cool costume on and celebrate with our nearest and dearest.

We may not be going door to door for trick or treating anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try a badass hairstyle for your Halloween outfit. An on-point hairstyle will make your Halloween costume ten times better! These ones are ideal for even amateurs – no need to call up your hair stylist!

Princess Leia Space Buns

If the idea of having a high maintenance hair do for your Halloween is haunting, then space buns are the perfect way of embracing an intergalactic look. The iconic hair do is pretty simple to do – create a middle parting and separate your hair into two ponytails, one on each side. Then wrap your hair around the base of each ponytail and tie with discreet hair ties. Don’t use bobby pins to secure anything – the looser and more natural it looks, the better!

Little Red Riding Hood Curls

Want simple? Want effective? Want something that doesn’t look to spooky and still makes you feel feminine and elegant? With a change of outfit and the use of a trusty curling wand, you too can become Little Red Riding Hood. This look is perfect for going from desk to Halloween get together – just grab your curling wand and create loose curls. It’s as easy as that!

Tinkerbell Top Knot

If you want Halloween to be magical, then choose a magical character. Tinkerbell is a Disney icon, and her look is easy to replicate. No fuss, no stress! For this look, flat iron your hair, before tying it into a ponytail and twirling the ponytail round its base to create a bun, and gently tug on the sides to give it more oomph!

Glam Witch

For those of you who haven’t quite yet found their Halloween spirit, then dress up as a glamorous witch and straighten your hair. Use a hair serum to pamper your hair and give your hair the shine it needs. All you need is your witch’s hat and you’re good to go!

Rosie The Riveter

The iconic wartime poster is a look that so many replicate for Halloween – but yours needs to be the best! Tie the two front strands of your hair (or your bangs) back into a U shape to the back of your scalp, and the rest into a low ponytail. Curl your bangs and use a bristle brush to create one giant curl. Wind your bangs into a curl until you reach your forehead and use bobby pins to lock in the look. Then, finish the look off with a bandana! We love a vintage hairstyle!

Vampire Schoolgirl

Let your makeup do the talking and opt for the vampire schoolgirl look. Tie your hair into bunches and create tight and voluminous curls with the help of your curling wand. Leave a few strands to fall in front of your face, and then go crazy with the makeup! We want to see crimson lipstick, fake blood and a stunning smokey eye!


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