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7 fabulous tips about Concentrate packaging from experts

If you love enjoying smoking a CBD flower or getting a dose of CBD oil, CBD concentrates are a much faster and more potent option. These extracts contain a huge level of cannabidiol that is suitable for dabbing, vaping, or even adding to edibles. It makes a person get a higher dose of CBD in a short time. It is the reason that majority of people prefer concentrates over other alternatives. No matter in which form you are consuming CBD concentrates, a well-designed packaging solution is essential to retain its quality. It enhances the grace and elegance of your products and also protects them from humidity, contamination, and other atmospheric changes. Creating a perfect concentrate packaging is not as easy as it sounds. You have to keep a couple of things in mind to get desired results. Let us have a look at 8 fabulous tips from experts to create an attractive concentrate packaging:

Choose the Best Style:

The design of your concentrate boxes plays a significant role in grabbing the customers’ attention. Your box style can create a wonderful impact on buyers. Some of the popular choices for designing custom concentrate boxes include tuck-end boxes, boxes with an attached or separate lid, sleeves, gable boxes, and flip-top boxes, etc. When it comes to retail packaging, tuck-end boxes are the most commonly used ones.  You will find them in different formats like straight-end boxes, bottom closure boxes, auto-lock boxes, and reverse end boxes. Such attractive packaging styles give an elegant and luxurious look to your CBD products increasing their visibility and appeal.

Go for a Custom Sized Box:

By using a perfect-sized concentrate box, you can gain maximum advantages. It helps in delivering your products more safely and conveniently. When the item is placed in customized packaging, it appeals to the customers more. Packaging is the basic thing with which a customer interacts. So it should be capable of putting an everlasting impression on the customers. Experts recommend choosing your package size with great care. Going for a too large or a too-small box spoils your brand image and may lead to customers’ dissatisfaction. On the other hand, a right-sized concentrate packaging gives a professional display to your items making them stand out among hundreds of similar offerings.

Experiment with Interesting Patterns and Designs:

It’s the first impression that wins the customers’ hearts. For this, the businesses should design CBD concentrate packaging in a way to captivate the audience and retain their interest. To create such an impression, the brands have to work on the presentation of their boxes. Introducing interesting patterns and unique artwork can make your products shine off the shelves. A perfect mix of colors, typography, graphics, and other branding elements is all customer wants. The experts also recommend focusing on other add-on features like die-cut patterns, PVC window panes, inserts, dividers, or a handle, etc to give a distinct look to your concentrate packaging boxes.

Apply Special Finishing Effects:

Another fabulous tip to enhance the attractiveness of your custom concentrate boxes is to go for advanced finishing effects. After the implementation of color models like PMS or CMYK, such add-ons can increase the worth of your packaging boxes. Some of the available choices include gloss/matte lamination, metallic foiling, aqueous coating, UV coating, embossing, and debossing, etc. These features are attention-grabbing and help in boosting your business sales significantly.

Highlight Important Details:

A perfect packaging design for CBD concentrates should highlight all the important aspects of the product. It is the best way to create a branded packaging to appeal to customers. When the buyers are clear about every little detail, it makes them choose your brand over others. Some of the necessary information includes your brand name, type of product, logo, tagline, branding message, manufacturing and expiry dates, a list of ingredients along with their percentage proportion, and nutritional facts. When these details are included on CBD concentrate boxes, it gives customers an indication that they are purchasing a high-quality, legal product. However, this information should be printed in a comprehensible way to make it look professional.

Prefer Eco-friendly Concentrate Packaging:

Most CBD products are highly delicate as they are extracted from natural sources. Protecting them in the right way is necessary to retain their quality. The use of environmetal-friendly packaging boxes can make a great contribution in this aspect. The material is toxic-free and provides a good barrier against moisture, contamination, and changes in temperature. It is also free from harsh chemicals that may penetrate your CBD products leading to spoilage. Eco-friendly boxes are designed according to all safety measures that may aid in the safe delivery of the products. They play a major role in preserving the environment and reducing your carbon footprints.

Make the Containers Airtight:

Although metal or plastic is the ideal choice when it comes to concentrate packaging still sometimes an outer package becomes necessary. This is because of extensive security required during the transportation of goods. According to the opinion of experts, it is necessary to keep your containers airtight. You can seal them properly or even use child-resistant packaging to avoid them getting into the wrong hands. Similarly, in the case of outer cardboard boxes go for the designs that reduce the chance of getting your package open during the transition. You can also go for a custom tape to keep it airtight. Such type of packaging protects your products, gives a professional look, and enhances customer satisfaction.

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