Best JIRA Hacks and Tips For You

Every project manager dreams to deliver high-value work on time with fewer resources. Therefore, a quest began for optimal project management software and JIRA came as an answer to them. It has a lot of premium features along with a plethora of third-party-add-ons. To help you get the most out of this, here are some […]


The Benefits Of Using Source To Contract Software

“Source to contract” (S2C): A business process considered one of the most important business activities for companies that rely heavily on contracts. The use of “source to contract” means that businesses have found an existing service, product, or capability that they wish to use. However, it is also possible to find such products/services from suppliers. […]


Best Digital Marketing Agency

To find the most effective digital marketing company First, we have to know “what is digital marketing”, “will digital marketing help your company” and answer “how can I increase the number of leads for my company?” That is the goal for any kind of marketing. What is what is a Digital Marketing Agency? The definition […]

book keeper

What’s the difference between an accountant & a bookkeeper?

In simple terms, bookkeepers record financial transactions, while accountants classify, analyze, interpret, report, and summarize this data. A bookkeeper is responsible for the initial classifications and recording transactions such as bills paid, daily sales, payroll, and other expenditures. A bookkeeper’s role in accounting is not to be considered as the end of the line. The accountant […]


How Compounding Dividends Can Change Your Life?

Dividend investing and compounding are special kinds of earnings that can add significantly to your wealth. Both involve putting money into stock (or other assets) and then paying a regular dividend. The money grows and grows, but it doesn’t stay in the bank forever. In fact, most investors who increase their net worth through dividend […]


Persona of an architectural technician

Understanding your target market is important for your sales and marketing efforts to flourish. The architectural technologist is a critical decision maker for most building product manufacturers. It’s important to define and understand who this individual is, what they like, how they prefer to be connected with, and what their objectives are. Many of our […]


Modern Billboards – Advertise in LED

Bulletin publicizing just utilized paper, vinyl, paint, or mechanical strategies before the advanced age. Today, innovation has changed outside publicizing using LED bulletins. What precisely is a LED announcement? Driven bulletins show ads on modernized screens, instead of being painted or imprinted on a wood sponsorship, for example, with “conventional” announcements. Driven bulletins offer benefits […]