A Trendy and Useful Guide for Eyeshadow Box Printing: Read it now

eyeshadow boxPrinting plays an essential role in the presentation of your eyeshadow box. It helps you win your target market and audience by representing your product as unique among your rivals and competitors. You can represent everything about your brand and product if you are utilizing it perfectly. A box designed perfectly, with unique and elegant designs and attractive fonts, will immediately grab the attention of the person passing by your store. It is a way of telling people that your product or services are unique from other same offerings.

Impact of fonts:

The importance of font is usually overlooked by many manufacturers while printing their eyeshadow boxes. It is a medium through which you make yourself able to communicate with your customer. While printing on packages, make sure that you are utilizing an attractive and clearer font to maintain cleanliness in your design. Make sure that you are not going with too much thin and too bold. Sometimes, when you are using a bold font, the typography seems to mix in after the final result. This can create a messy look on the surface of your box. To avoid this, keep those fonts that can give you a perfect final result without making the text unattractive.

Matching color scheme:

Usually, a customer remembers a brand by the color scheme that it offers in its products. With colors, you can create a positive image of your brand in the mind of your audience. Make sure to not go with too much dark and too much light. Utilize those colors that are combinations of both high and low saturation colors. As an eyeshadow is a product for women, make sure that you are utilizing those colors that can relate to their behavior and preference regarding the product. Choosing those colors in the theme of your brand or product will be a great idea to make your product packaging relatable with your offerings. You can also go for utilizing those colors that are in your brand logo.

Utilization of images:

Using images while printing on your eyeshadow packaging is a great idea to tell the audience about your offerings or products. While shopping, what bothers customers the most is to try to see the product packed inside a sealed box? You can overcome this issue by utilizing images of your eye shadows on the boxes. But for that, you have to make sure that you are utilizing those images in high resolution. A low-format image can create a blurry or messy appearance on the surface of your box. In this regard, choose only those printing techniques that can give you effective results in utilizing images.


Maintaining the resolution of your printing is the most important factor while designing your eyeshadow packages. If you pick up those techniques and designs that can cause deteriorations in your printed result, you will get a bad image of your brand and product in front of your audience. Make sure that the images, or designs that you are choosing, are in high-definition formats. You need to choose those images from the above 300 dpi format to produce high-quality printed results for your packaging. Otherwise, all you will get is non-attractive and customer repelling layouts and textures.

Different printing techniques:

Several techniques and types are available for printing in the market that you can utilize for your boxes. They all have their unique characteristics, functionalities, features, and, most of all, results. Offset, digital, and screens are some of those printing techniques that you can utilize for high-quality designing on your packages. For instance, the offset can provide you high-definition and colorful artworks for your packages, while with digital printing, you can utilize several color combinations to form perfect-looking textures. By utilizing screen printing, you can easily form complex designs and themes for your packaging solutions. These are some of those that do not cost a lot in their initial setup, so you can use them to print on several stocks of your boxes.

Avoiding corners:

In almost every box, corners define the closing, opening, and edges of the boxes. Printing on these corners can split your printed designs into different parts once your customer opens the box. Corners are not a thing on which customers put a lot of attention. So if you are thinking of printing your logo or details on them, you are just making your designs unimportant for the audience. Make sure that you left some space near the edges and utilize the center of the box for your printing and designing purposes.

Promotion with printing:

Printing can become a huge asset when it comes to grabbing promotion for your brand. It is one of the most impressive and cost-effective tools that you can grab to achieve branding for your business. But you have to know what you are going to print on your boxes. First of all, the logo of your brand is a necessary thing. A logo on the packaging is an identity of your brand, so make sure that you are not missing it while designing your packages. Then you can print out the services or products that you are offering. With their details, specifications, and description, you can utilize everything. By doing so, you will provide all of the things about your brand and product to your audience. It is how you can use printing for promotional purposes.

If you want your customers to accept your cosmetic products, you have to utilize all of these things to print your eyeshadow box. A special bond with your customer is necessary if you want him to go for your products. And by utilizing printing and all of these ways, you can easily make that bond more special and strong.

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