Amazon ERC Number

Amazon ERC Number

Amazon ERC is a staff assistance portal designed to co-ordinate the operational staff with the assistive personnel. Over one million workers carry out the operations in the same organization and ERC functions like a bridge to cooperate with each other. The staff may communicate the queries, information and problems what they face.

Amazon ERC number to contact Human Hesources is (888) 892-7180. If you want to go for a job at Amazon, you can use some personal links to find a contact or you can meet recruiters at some meetings or employee-searching gatherings.

Purpose of ERC:

ERC intends to deliver highest standards of services in any customer interaction task and ensures an accurate, efficient and quick resolution of queries through effective usage of systems, tools and resources. Simply its aim is to solve problem(s) within minimum time.

ERC Commitment:

The center is committed to meet the technical assistance of the working class to embrace change(s) and equip them to adapt the evolving and expanding professional requirements.

Services Provided By the Center:

Following services might be sought by the staff members for resolution or provision of:

  • Operational queries of the personnel.
  • Technical assistance to working class.
  • Co-ordination among the staff.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Payroll, attendance, vacations, pay, bonus, overtime and wages matters.
  • Best availability of the resources to the staff.
  • Training and guidance.
  • To protect data privacy and confidentiality.

Communication with the center:

The needy members may opt to communicate with the center through the following ways:

  1. Call phone ☎
  2. Soft Call
  3. Staff Web portal

Response of the center:

The center is mainly responsible for:

  1. To view/review your quest
  2. Timely response
  3. Virtual assistance


ERC contact number is +888-8927180 and it is accessible 24/7, the ideal time is 10:00 A.M to 11:00 P.M.

About 900 associates are being engaged to carry out the operations smoothly. Total eight zones have been devised globally and more than dozen languages are being harmonized in the center for the convenience.

Amazon ERC Sr Associate Interview Questions And Answers

Amazon ERC Sr Associate Interview Complete Answers and Question That you Should Watch Before Calling Amazon ERC. You Must Be Well Prepared For That To Pass The Interview Test.

Workflow of ERC:

  1. Ticket Generation:
    The staff having an issue will complete the template of describing the issue by using his/her own unique ID. It is sometime referred as problem statement.
  2. Assignment:
    Either the system or the operator shall assign it to the appropriate personnel i.e. associate.
  3. Contact back:
    The assignee will contact you on receiving the assignment and shall resolve by himself or refer to an expert for resolution.
  4. Resolution:
    The matter referred to expert when resolved shall be transmitted to the issuer member.
  5. Closure of the ticket:
    He/she after resolution may close the ticket.
  6. Feedback (survey):
    A feedback is being sent to the staff by rating it from 1-10 regarding the service procedure.

Valance of the process:

The ER center is committed to meet the excellence in performance. The whole process comprises of some simple and easy steps. The process apparently is lazy or time taking but in practice it is very quick and fast taking minimal of time.

How to become an associate?

Congratulations on being an associate. To being an active member center encourages the aspirants to apply. Before submitting application the center requests you to confirm all the information should be complete and accurate.

The applicants have to pass the exam (if required) or interview(s) conducted.

Obligations of the associates:

  • Pro-active behavior
  • Extraordinary communication skills
  • Equipped with the knowledge and tools
  • Problem solving and active role
  • Disciplinary embodiment in personality

Pro-active approach:

ER center assures proactive approach towards the problem solving. In the dynamic environment tremendous changes hover over the business activities. ERC tries its best to communicate all changes to all working members via

  • Bulletins
  • Newsletters
  • Notices
  • Updates etc.

They proactively tries to coordinate with the personnel before rising of queries or even afterwards but instantly and aptly. For instance many members facing the same problem like login problem, the center shall send Bulletin across the network describing the solution, so all members would be benefitted.

F.A.Qs. (Frequently asked questions)

What ERC actually is?

ERC is a staff assistance help desk to resolve the queries and exchange information.

Is ERC number general to all?

ERC number is just for the sake of the employees. It is like a help desk for the staff

Is ERC number available 24/7?

Of course it is available 24/7.

Is it customer care center?

It is better to say it as “employee care center”. Customer care is a different department.

Is ERC & HR department are the same department?

Amazon ERC is distinctive department apart from HR.



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