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Amazon Product Photography 101 – How to Find the Best Photographer?


Amazon is a big platform with a large audience. People visit Amazon to buy products, conduct product research, and to read customer reviews. There are millions of sellers and billions of products available on this website, which means sellers need to do their best to attract attention. The best way to draw people’s eye on this platform is through Amazon product photography. Good-quality images help your brand stand apart and increase the chances of conversion. However, you need to hire a skilled and experienced photographer to get the best results. This post provides a few interesting tips on how to find the best professional for the job:

  1. Difference Between Product Photography and Amazon Product Photography 

There are thousands of product photographers out there but only some of them intimately familiar with Amazon. This eCommerce giant has several rules and guidelines for product photography and will only accept pictures that live up to their standards. Before you hire a professional for the job, make sure they have experience in the niche. Ask them if the studio has ever worked with Amazon sellers and request links to the page. 

While regular product photographers can provide high-quality images, they may not follow the platform’s guidelines. If the images aren’t up to the standard, Amazon won’t display them on search results pages. You will end up losing prospective customers and traction on the platform. 

  1. Studio Reputation and Ratings 

The internet has made it easier to find information on different businesses. You can just Google a company’s name and find informative bits of data like customer reviews, ratings, testimonials, and even ratings by reputable organizations like the Better Business Bureau. They give you an unbiased insight into the studio’s performance and competencies. 

Experts recommend reading around 6-12 reviews before adding a business to your shortlist. Don’t disregard studios with a few negative reviews because it is nearly impossible for every project to go smoothly. If you see negative reviews, look at how the studio responds to that kind of feedback. A good response to criticism is a clear indication that the company has a strong customer service team. They will provide good Amazon product photography services and post-delivery support. 

  1. Portfolio 

Every photography studio has a portfolio where they showcase their work. All clients should look at the portfolio before they hire professional Amazon product photography services. Looking at past projects will help you understand the expert’s style, approach, and skill. For example, does the photographer specialize in bright, cheerful images? Do they focus on sophisticated black-and-white photography? Are their pictures clear and readable? Is the product always the hero of the image?

Study the portfolio carefully and make sure you’re familiar with every photographer’s work. Many studios have two or three experts in house and they have different approaches to product photography. You need to make sure the expert assigned to you can deliver good-quality pictures. 

Most professional photographers have their own profiles on social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. Visit their handle and look at their content before hiring them. 

  1. Consultation 

Consultation is an important aspect of Amazon product photography. Clients and professionals must have good rapport between them. Many business owners take a hand-off approach to product photography, which can compromise the quality of results later. You will get the best results if you maintain a strong rapport with your photographer. Discuss your business, branding, target audience, and marketing goals with them. Explain what you aim to get through Amazon and how many products you want to sell. 

A professional may know more about photography but they know less about your business and niche. You should be their primary source of information and advice on this matter. Being involved in the process ensures the resultant images are coherent and convey the brand message accurately. 

  1. Cost 

Cost is an important factor to consider before you hire an Amazon product photography service. Different studios have different pricing, which is why it is a good idea to get quotes from multiple establishments. Compare the cost and pricing models carefully to prepare a reasonable budget. Here’s a look at different pricing models:

  • Daily rate (an eight-hour day)
  • Hourly rate
  • Cost per product 
  • Cost per image 
  • Cost based on the type of photography 

Product on white photography is the most affordable option available today. Creative in-studio is next while lifestyle photography is the most expensive option. The Lifestyle approach is pricey because studios need to hire models and carry out the shoot in outdoor locations.

Experts recommend calculating the cost per image regardless of the pricing model offered by studios. You just need to divide the total cost of photography (including additional expenses like shipping and insurance) with the number of images. That will give you a realistic idea of what you can afford. 

  1. Case Studies

Every photographer has a unique style and signature. They approach their job differently and that has a big impact on the quality of product pictures. Looking at case studies gives you an insight into the methodology behind taking pictures. You can see how photographers come up with a composition idea, how they conducted research, and what kind of equipment they used. 

Case studies also show how photographers handle different challenges and obstacles. For example, how does the studio respond when a model cancels at the last minute? What happens when the product is damaged during handling? How do they carry out outdoor shoots? Reading case studies will give you a better perspective and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Amazon product photography

  1. Ownership 

It is important to understand the ownership and usage rights before you hire a studio. In most cases, photographers retain creative rights while clients have full usage rights. This means you can upload the pictures on any platform or use it in any marketing campaign without any restrictions. However, you can’t claim the image was taken by you or some other third-party. The credit should always go to the photographer or studio that originally took the pictures. 

If you follow these tips, it will be easier to find a reliable and affordable Amazon product photography service. 

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