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Avoid These Distractions If You Want Your Wig Business Grow While Working From Home

If you are a work-from-home wig seller then you will agree that being your boss is the most cherished luxury in a home-based business. You will also agree that this luxury comes with a demon called distraction.

These distractions might seem frivolous; however, if you come to think of it, trivial activities hamper your productivity a lot. We have a list of distractions that can divert your mind. Therefore, have a look and if you have been squandering away your time in any of these activities, then you must consider averting them.

1. Phone

Even if you are working in a calm environment in complete solitude, one phone call from a friend or family can easily distract you. You could be a very social person as you have to entertain wigs inquiries, and non-business-related calls may a daily routine for you. However, when it comes to work, keep these calls at bay. With smartphones gaining popularity, conversing is not the only distraction that a phone carries these days.

2. Daily Chores

Another benefit of working from home is the liberty to do your daily chores at your own pace. However, this privilege becomes a hindrance if you are in the habit of completing them during your working hours.

Many a time it becomes difficult to draw a line between professional and domestic life, but remember if you don’t draw this line you will end up messing up your work. Try to remind yourself, that if you would have been working in some office away from your comfort of home, your laundry and dishes would be waiting for you to come back and finish them. Why should it be any different now?

3. Television

Sometimes it’s your favorite game, at times a sudden twist in your favorite soap opera or something that catches your attention and makes you forget that you are an entrepreneur and your business needs you to spend time on it rather than indulging yourself with the idiot box.

Although many home-based entrepreneurs prefer to keep their television running while working, and if you are one of those blessed people who can work efficiently while watching TV then ignore this point, and if not, then it is highly recommended to schedule timings for your television treat.

4. Social Networking

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or any similar sites that social networking is the latest contestant in the top 10 distractions while working. These very sites hugely help in promoting your human hair or long colored wigs brand.

However, if you end up posting your last night party’s pics on Facebook or stalking your favorite celebrity on Twitter, then it is a complete waste of energy and time. Try to stay ‘invisible’ in chat rooms and limit your ‘friendly’ interactions on these sites till the time your ‘to-do’ list is accomplished.

5. Browsing

Internet comes with a massive amount of wigs’ information and getting lost in the information sea can turn out to be time-consuming. You may begin your search looking for something work-related, but thanks to inter-linking you may end up reading what Justin Bieber has been up to lately.

6. Your Refrigerator

Eating frequently is another common distraction among many home-based entrepreneurs as the kitchen is few steps away. So, the temptation to munch something or another every now and then sure does become quite tempting.

However, having small frequent meals during the day is recommended. So, don’t abuse this theory by overly indulging yourself in food. Learn to draw a line and do your health and your business of selling full lace frontal wigs, a favor.

7. Emails

Although email marketing is good for your business, if you have not filtered work-related emails and mails from friends n family then you are definitely wasting precious time by getting distracted and ignoring the mails with higher priority.

Check and answer your emails so that email notifications don’t get into the way of your creativity. Google allows you to integrate all your mail accounts into one. Also, it is advisable to segregate work mails from friends n family.

8. Working All the Time

Another problem that home-based entrepreneurs face is that they get into the habit of working 24/7, an email pop-up in midst of dinner is enough to distract them and ignore other important things in life.

You may be curious to check the traffic to your site every now and then, but as we mentioned earlier that you must learn to draw a line between work and domestic life. Like they say ‘ all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and this holds true for home-based entrepreneurs too, therefore give yourself a break and enjoy yourself, later devote yourself completely to your work.

9. Family & Friends

Another major advantage while managing work from home is that you get to be close to your family and friends, but if it starts hampering your work then it becomes a distraction. Kids may need to be fed or picked up, your friends may drop in for a beer or a coffee. However, you need to let them know that even if you are at home, you are still at work as you have to respond to your customers.

Talk to them and let them know that during certain hours of the day, you are not available, other than that, you are all theirs.

10. Procrastination

Many times working from home leads to laziness and entrepreneurs dealing in wigs end up delaying task completion and then panicking when a deadline sits on their head. This leads to unnecessary stress and guilt which eventually hampers health and productivity. If you have committed yourself to something then don’t let carelessness or displeasure towards a certain task stop you.

In fact, make it a point to finish the least desirable task first and save yourself the embarrassment of not meeting a particular deadline.

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