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Baby Finger Foods To Help Baby Eat Food By Themself

You want to see your baby feeding and you want finger food ideas for that.

But this is more than that, and you also have to know about some important points which clear your whole idea of baby feeding and finger food.

So, you are in the right place just stick with this article until the end.

Before you think about the best finger food for a baby you must have to think, is your baby ready to feed himself?

Introducing a finger food to a baby and they start to feed himself is one of the exciting time for all parents.

But they are babies, so don’t leave them alone when they start eating, because chances of eating allergic food, food choking, are common in that age.

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When your baby is ready for finger food?

This question is asked by lots of new parents regularly.

If you listen to some child specialists and doctors you get to know that there is no rule to make baby ready.

There is no specific age when you start finger foods.

But there are some signs when baby grabs the bowl of food when you feed him, take the spoon in their mouth, grab the plates and bowls of food from the table are some signs that the baby is ready to feed himself.

This is also natural when baby rise their interest to feed himself also rise and if you want to encourage this habit then finger foods are the best way to start.

Best finger food ideas.

Below you get the small list of finger foods that you can give your little to encourage their habit of feeding themselves.

When you look for finger food for a baby always keep in mind the options which are soft, small, and easy to the gum.

The list of finger foods are –

Puffs and dry cereals.

These are the first choice as finger food because it is easy to eat by baby and also reduces the chance of choking.


Bread is also a very soft food which baby easily digest and eat, if your baby is small then you give him a small piece of bread as they rise to increase the size.

Soft fruits.

Fruits are also a great, natural, and full of vitamin and minerals option. Just choose rip fruits which are soft and full of juice.

Some soft and juicy fruit which you can give is – rip banana, pitch, raspberries, watermelon, and many more.


This is also a great finger food, just not add any spice in it even you can’t add salt in baby pasta.

Overcooked those foods make them as soft as you can. But as a baby ready to eat more food you can give pasta cooked in butter.

Boiled vegetables.

This is also the very best finger food idea with full of vitamins, just boil some potatoes and mass them or can try this with some other foods also.

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Last words

If you reach this section then I think you read the whole article carefully and ready to give the best finger food to your baby.

Before you proceed always remember the conclusion of this whole article and that is –

  • Read the readiness sign of self-feeding in the baby.
  • Learn some ideas of best feeding foods.
  • When babies become older then give them spoon and forks and teach them their guidelines.

So, if this article solves all your queries related to the best finger food then don’t forget to share and give your valuable comments.


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