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For over 10 years, our only focus has been to create apps that deliver on functionality and user experience.
That’s why we are specialists in native app development for iOS and Android devices and are among Scandinavia’s most experienced app developers.

Our unique experience base and senior competence is our customers’ guarantee that their project is carried out in a safe and secure manner with a world-class result.

We can deliver everything needed in the ecosystem of an app. From advanced machine learning to user-friendly backend systems built from scratch.

Adept Mobile works with all types of customers – from small entrepreneurs to large groups.

Fiskher SA

From 0 to 300,000 users in record time!
FiskHer started as a good idea among some entrepreneurs from Sørlandet and ended up as the world’s most sophisticated fishing and map app! Using groundbreaking technology, the app shows 50,000+ fishing grounds – simultaneously. No loading.
No waiting.
In addition, we have integrated advanced machine learning and machine vision. All development done inhouse by us in Adept Mobile.


Onboarding of 3,600 new employees

It was the short version of the brief we received. What we developed was an app that takes new employees into the Kongsberg Group’s mindset, a news feed with an overview of what is going on in the group and a separate video solution where you can share knowledge, skills and the sense of pride you have of being part of traditional Kongsberg.

How to create an app?

If you want to know more about how to create an app – what you can do in preparation and what you can expect an app to cost, we have created a practical guide to this. Get free access by Contacting us.