Best JIRA Hacks and Tips For You

Every project manager dreams to deliver high-value work on time with fewer resources. Therefore, a quest began for optimal project management software and JIRA came as an answer to them.

It has a lot of premium features along with a plethora of third-party-add-ons. To help you get the most out of this, here are some amazing tips and hacks for JIRA project management and JIRA workflow automation.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

  • Add issue keys to your branch and commit messages 

In case you are using Git as your version control system, ensure that you add your issue key to branch name and commit messages. 

Let us share a good convention for branch naming. 

<prefix> / <issue-key> _ <description>

In case your team is using Bitbucket, you can create your branch through the issue screen which will automatically create a branch name using this convention. 

  • Agile Board Quick filters 

It will help you filter the agile/Kanban boards as per the selected parameter. 

The most common which most people use is ‘my issues’. There are so many options that are available to add, basically any JQL that you can create can be put here. 

  • Automatically update linked issues

A common practice that we see JIRA Service Desk Project is tied to a JIRA Core Project. It will help to internally escalate issues to a development team in case the agent is unable to resolve the issue.

This process may get tedious to regularly update these issues as they are two separate issues, in the true sense. With the help of JIRA automation, we can set a cause to ‘when a linked issue is transitioned’. 

This will help us add action to transition the issue which will help start the automation as well

  • “ga” shortcut

Most often, the users who are close to the boards unintentionally end up searching the last seen board. In such a case, when you type “ga” in JIRA, the software takes you from any of the present screens to the most recently used agile board. 

  • Go agile with JIRA Agile

When you plugin the JIRA Agile, you can enhance the JIRA products to a greater extent. This plugin will help enhance the JIRA products while making the software engineering team agile. 

Wondering how it will happen? The JIRA Agile plugin will let you set up sprints, backlogs as well as team activities. All these features will make the project planning, prioritizing, and executing new features much easier as compared to the traditional methods. Make things easier by going agile with JIRA Agile. 

  • See through your client’s eyes

Even though it is not a hack, it is a frame of mind. You need to understand the client’s perspective while using the platform to enhance the user experience. At times, it can be frustrating or overwhelming for customers to access large boards. 

Therefore, you need to keep in mind that best practices aren’t just for the internal teams but also the client communication as well. 

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