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APCT is a world-class and Best PCB manufacturer that are high-quality and reliable. The company has four total manufacturing locations: Santa Clara, CA Our headquarters is situated in the middle of the Silicon Valley; 2 in Southern California and 1 in Wallingford, Connecticut. In the present, the company owns 180,000 square. feet. for manufacturing, with more than 500 employees. The atmosphere that inspires us every day is the capability of saying “Yes” to every customer’s requirements for technology and lead time.


Our CEO and president, Steve Robinson, has been working in the industry of printed circuit boards since the year 1971. After a few years as a supervisor for the world’s largest manufacturer, he noticed that the company’s culture did not necessarily reflect his beliefs and determined to “get back to basics.” In 2008, he purchased Advanced Printed Circuit Technology and created the APCT we have today.

APCT is a renowned manufacturer of high-reliability printed circuit boards that are high-quality and reliable. The company is home to four manufacturing locations: Santa Clara, our headquarters, located in the middle in the Silicon Valley; 2 in Southern California and 1 in Wallingford, Connecticut. The company currently has 180,000 square. feet. for manufacturing, with more than 500 employees.

“We have created an enterprise model that has helped differentiate us from competitors in the printing circuit board manufacturing industry. 10 consecutive years of double-digit growth is proof of that business model” added Steve Robinson President & CEO. The concept is straightforward that you must be able to answer “Yes” to the customer’s requirements for the latest technology as well as lead times.

Technology is constantly evolving. The printed circuit board designs are evolving every day. In order to embrace technological advancements, APCT challenges its engineering team daily. Due to these challenges, APCT is pleased to affirm its commitment to greater layer counts in through-hole technology, to consistently create High Density Interconnect (HDI) product at world-class time-to-cycle; and offer the flex and rigid-flex build.

With the advancement of technology, the necessity to provide the product has become quicker and faster. If we’re faithful to the model we have set for our company we’re definitely determined to surpass the industry standard in terms of time to market. APCT has the honor to provide regular lead times which are always quicker than industry standards as well as assisting our customers’ demands to be ahead of their competition to market. Yet, APCT takes a step further. Announcing “YES” to our customer’s deadlines means we can manufacture products in days instead of weeks. If a client requires Quick Turn availability, APCT is set up to complete. The reliable and consistent execution of Quick Turn requests has won the trust and respect of APCT’s partner.

APCT, “Where Our People Differentiate Us From The Competition.”

Its business strategy is solid but the real difference is our employees. Inspiring, Commitment, and Trust are the qualities that distinguish APCT apart from the rest of our competitors. We have a company culture that is Continuous Improvement “Best in Class” Service and thorough Engineering Support, our reputation for dedication, passion, and trust is recognized both locally and around the globe. The passion we have for the work we do is essential to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. Our dedication is in creating an environment of creativity and support to take whatever steps are necessary to help our customers. We trust each other with collaboration and a positive attitude that strengthens our reliability and helps build confidence in our company.

There is no better alternative than our vibrant and inventive team. We never stop in our efforts to remove barriers to design, price or delivery. If your requirements are important and you need more than a mere supplier make contact with APCT. We’d love to build trust and earn your trust.