Best Platforms for confess your secrets and real life stories 

Admissions, something that makes you vent out your brain, analysts have demonstrated that admitting diminishes your feelings of anxiety. Individuals admit, that is they Sins to confess to something that they liked to leave well enough alone and to themselves as it were. Generally individuals admit in Churches, Temples and other strict spots. Individuals admit their brain, they share privileged insights and their biographies with relatives, companions and in some cases even with outsiders. What’s going on in this period of advanced? Everybody is going on the web, individuals are going on the web to pay their lease, charges or even make gifts. This pattern is making individuals go online to admit, indeed, individuals are going on the web and sharing their admissions, insider facts and genuine stories. There is no need of going to chapel to diminish yourself from the blame, presently you can do it online with only a single tick and that too namelessly, without unveiling your character. 

In this blog entry I expect to give you sites which can assist you with online admissions, share your encounters, biographies and get prompted on your issues..

You might share your secret confession with a few friends in a moment of weakness and forget about it only to find out that your secret confession is no longer a secret. So, it is very important to share your hidden and disgraceful truths, aloud, into a safe environment. What if you had some way of sharing your confessions and getting it off our chest anonymously without anyone knowing it was you, but yet there for the world to see, then surely you will feel a load lifted off your shoulders. 

Vigyaa Anonymous gives you the opportunity to confess anonymously without being judged or labeled. By “anonymously” we mean completely anonymous. You don’t have to register or login. Even there is no IP tracing. It’s a safe place where you can confess anything.

Yes I Confess

In the event that you are searching for a site where you can present an admission or read admissions and genuine stories put together by others, is among the awesome. famously known and examined with hashtag #YIC was dispatched in year 2007. #YIC welcomes you to admit online that too namelessly, without delighting your character. One can present an admission or a genuine story with no enlistment or confirming personality. Site has straightforward and exquisite plan and functions admirably on cell phones also, so at whatever point you have the opportunity to understand admissions and stories, you can change to and peruse what others are admitting.

You can post your comment, rate other comments and choose to get email updates when someone posts a comment. Users can subscribe and get all new confessions by email. Website has a good presence on social media channels Facebook and Twitter. 

Confession is a replica of – design wise. This website is popular in Asian countries esp. India. Similarly you can go through websites like and 

Yik Yak

The actor to Secret’s seat, Yik Yak’s schtick is that it will help you “discover your group” by namelessly presenting your musings on a feed dependent on the spot. Individuals can upvote and answer namelessly to your mysterious posts thus, hypothetically, you wind up feeling less alone. Following three seconds on the application, it turns out to be evident that most clients are youngsters taking tests. Alert: you may feel old and drained and alone. 

We posted our mystery about how we didn’t have any mysteries and it was gobbling us up inside, and, really, definitely, we improve simply getting it out there. Following three seconds: no upvotes or answers. We checked again at regular intervals for the following four hours before we acknowledge that nobody else is experiencing the torment of being secretless. Indeed, even the individual who just said “Looney tunes” got two upvotes. We feel a lot of more awful than previously. 


Whisper is what you’d get if Secret, Post Secret and Yik Yak got together and had a baby. Every secret comes with an image and a location tag so you can share your pain with those around you. You can use your own image, or you can let Whisper pick one for you based on your secret. My secret was about how I wish I was taller (welcome to my inner psyche) and the image it chose was of a very tall woman next to a very short woman which seemed a bit insensitive to be honest.

To pass the time while the likes came flooding in, I had a look at the local secrets based on my location and they were all basically humblebrags about how popular or tall they were.

Whisper also has a messaging function, so we sent someone called Mr_Haze a message of congratulations on his secret about people watching. He has yet to respond.

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