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Can Swimming Pool water cause illness?

A lot of people question that whether they can sick by swimming pool water but there is no direct answer to the answer remains that you can get sick by any kind of water nit just pool water as there multiple reasons that support this answer as there are chances that any type pf water body is capable of growing harmful pathogens that can harm your body. When water is stagnant there are possible chance that pathogens may grow on water especially on swamps and lakes.

Animals and flora fauna also play a major role in developing illness in water as animals can bathe or defecate the water that can several types of diseases. Animals die in water and that can make water prone to many harmful diseases. So it is quite clear that humans can get sick through water bodies.

Types of diseases in pool water: There are many kinds of diseases that can spread through pool water such as 

  • Norovirus 
  • Hepatitis A
  • Adenovirus 
  • Giardia 
  • E. Coli 

These are some of the diseases that can make humans sick if they are present in water bodies but that does not mean that every water body or swimming pools contain these diseases.

Keeping pool clean and safe: One of the main reasons that make swimming pools much safer than water bodies is the use of technology that is used to keep the pools cleaner and safer for public use as compared to natural water bodies.

Filtration, use of disinfectants and proper supervision are some of the most important factors that can help in keeping the swimming pool free of illness and diseases.

Use of pool filter: Pool filters are very much efficient in keeping your pools clean and safe from diseases many of you think that chlorine can kill all types of pathogens but that is not true there are some pathogens such cryptosporidium are only killed through pool filters. Pool filters not only clean your pool water but also stop harmful material from entering the pool.

Using Chlorine: Chlorine is very essential while keeping your pool away from pathogens and bacteria. The newest research suggests that the level of chlorine in your swimming pool should be around 3.55 ppm to 4 ppm to keep harmful virus such coronavirus away from swimming pools.

Avoid animals from entering pool: To keep pool clean and safe you must avoid animals from getting into the pools and as they can defecate the pool that can cause multiple type of diseases and make anyone swimming in the pool sick.

To keep swimming pools away from pathogens and safe for swimming experts and professionals are needed that can help in constructing and maintaining your pool. Premium Pools is a swimming pool construction company in India that aims to provide expert advices and services that help in maintaining and cleaning the swimming pool and make it safe for swimming and keep it disease free by using modern technologies and methods. 

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