Will the Canadian government stop/reduce the PR visa (immigration) after 2021? What about 2025?/What will happen to Canada immigration after 2021?

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The Canada government is now eagerly changing rules to get the maximum number of immigrants into the country. The government of Canada recently announced that, it will welcome a higher number of immigrants in 2020 which will boost its growth. This number of 3,40,000 immigrants is even more than the numbers of the immigration targets of 3,10,000 announced for this year and 3,30,000 for 2019. So, the government is ready to embark on the route of getting more immigrants into the country for the purpose of, giving an economic impetus to the country. The increase in the number of immigrants getting invited into the country is because the government wants to sustain its output at the same rate despite its population exiting workforce due to old age.  The Canada government is losing its working-age population quite fast and needs more laborers to contribute to the labor market.

In fact, with the current growth rate of the country at 3%, Canada needs immigration to meet the heightened demand for labor.

The country has started accepting more immigrants as evident in the Express Entry draws which happened in this year. In 2018, alone, till the time, this article was being penned down, the number of candidates who had been sent invites was 39,700.

So, since the targets for the number of immigrants has been increased, it has led to an increase in the number of Express Entry and PNP invites.

Canada needs immigrants even after 2020

After 2020, the government will still continue with its immense welcoming of immigrants. This is because the current birth rates in Canada are very low. In fact, the slow growth rate of the population since 2000 has been the reason why immigration is so necessary for this country. This is because the birth rate of the population has been declining since, 2000. It was 11.41 that year to10.3 in 2017 due to which the population of this country is actually increasing at a slow rate. In 2000 the population growth rate was 1.1% which has actually come down to 0.73% now. At this population growth rate, no country can have a high GDP growth rate

The government will have to allow almost 4,00,000 immigrants each year even after 2020 because the growth rate of the population will be negative at that time if the birth rates continue to decrease at this rate.

There have been positive changes happening in the immigration industry to ensure that the government does get more immigrants into the country. In fact, the government is now providing greater post-arrival support to immigrants. They are even provided help for rehabilitation when they come to Canada. This also shows that the government plans to continue with high immigration rates even after 2020.

In fact, the government will be to sustain, the high immigration rates through the Express Entry. This system is quite advanced and systematic due to which the applicants don’t have any issues in getting immigration. Another positive change is the Quebec immigration also coming under the purview of express entry from August 2018.


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