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Choosing the best mobile accessories for your mobile ph


Mobile phones have become such an important part of our daily lives and routine that some people go so far as to consider them just an extension of our own bodies. They offer so many functions that make our lives easier, more convenient, fun, and engaging. Without them, it is hard to even comprehend the modern world and how exactly would we even function in it.

But what are all the things we can even do on mobile phones? Well, bored? Read an ebook, watch movies and TV shows, or play games. Want to get in touch with people or socialize? Call them, message them, contact them on social media, or video chat with them. Want to find an answer to something? Browse the internet to find the answer to anything and everything there possibly is.

This shows the level of their importance and to enrich that experience even further, add some mobile accessories to the mix. These accessories can enhance the experience you have with your phone, helping you do even more things, accomplish more tasks or simply, make life easier for you even further. But what are those accessories? Well, let’s find out together by taking a good look at them.

What are the 13 must-have accessories for your mobile phone?

The 13 accessories that you should most definitely have for your mobile phone are:-

  • Screen Protectors

This is a kind of accessory that serves a dual function, protection from falls and scratches as well as guaranteeing safety against dirt and friction. It keeps the screen looking clean and new. In the case of an accident occurring, it also prevents the screen from getting damaged, depending on the quality of the protector you are using.

  • Protective Cases

Just as screen protectors protect the glass on the screen, protective cases are designed to protect the entire phone, which includes almost every part of the phone except the screen itself. There are hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from so not only does it protect your valuable phone but it also shows your design and aesthetic choices.

  • Smart Tags

This is a relatively new accessory and comes in the form of small, square-shaped plastic tags that can be attached to any items of your choice and in this case, to mobile phones. Once attached, they can perform various basic tasks such as locating your phone if it is on silent or if the battery is dead, etc

  • Mobile Stands

Mobile phones need to be held upright, either in portrait or landscape mode. This is hard to do when doing other tasks like typing, writing, or any other things. In those cases, if you want your phone to be held upright and be usable, a stand is the perfect thing and can even be used to turn your phone into an alarm clock, for example.

  • Rapid Phone Chargers

In the fast-paced world of today, mobile phones are essential at almost all times but due to the physical limitations placed on their usage by batteries, need to be recharged often after heavy usage. The problem is that the process of charging takes some time and that might be too much so a rapid charger can be the perfect option for charging quickly.

  • Car Dashboard Mounts

When driving, mobiles can be used for a variety of tasks such as listening to music or audiobooks, navigation Gamma sip through google or apple maps, and many other things too. For this, you need to mount the phone somewhere and the perfect accessory for this specific use-case is a car dashboard mount that holds the phone snuggly and safely.

  • Bike Mounts

Just as mobiles need a place in cars, so do they on bikes. For that, an accessory HYPERLINK “” similar to, but not the same as car mount exists. This is usually attached to the handle of the bike itself and can hold the phone firmly in its grasp. You can then use the mobile for music, navigation, or any other purposes.

  • USB Phone Charger

A USB phone charger is essential if you plan to use your phone intensively during long car rides. The USB charger plugs into the car itself and uses the power provided by the car battery itself to keep your phone charged and powered on throughout the use cases and can last hours or even days, depending on your mobile phone itself.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

If you would ever like to listen to music or hear something more closely, headphones are the way to go. But modern wireless headphones forego wires for a more freeing and convenient experience. All you need is a Bluetooth-capable phone and headphones that can work with them and you’re good to go.

  • External Batteries Or Power Banks

Sometimes no matter how big the battery in your phone is, it does not matter at all because you might not have charged completely or could have used it too much, resulting in a phone with no battery left. Luckily there is an accessory to that. Power banks are essentially just large batteries that can hold multiple charges, allowing you to recharge.

  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers

If you want to listen to music, audiobooks, or make calls portably, Then Bluetooth speakers might be the way to go because of their convenience, price, and ease of transport. Most are small and easily carried so they aren’t much of a hassle either.

  • Camera Lens Attachments

The cameras on the back of phones are capable of taking different types, and quality of pictures, but they are limited by the lens element of the camera itself. The already present lens has to be small to keep the phone size down but you can add some bigger lenses yourself to take much better pictures.

  • Tripods

Tripods are the perfect accessory to stabilize your phone if you would want to take ultra-sharp pictures. Because tripods help you take steady shots, and can solve problems like “unsteady hands while capturing photos”.

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