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How To Join Your Destiny Clan In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 clan system has been created so that players from every clan can be recorded. By having this feature enabled players can see what actions the different clan members are doing. Also, they can find out if there are new members joining the clan or old members leaving. This will help the clan leader to find new recruits for the next clan war.

Clan in Destiny 2:

First, you should know that Destiny 2 is actually a multi-faceted community with hundreds of players who all come under a single banner and participate together for common causes that helps them gain bad loot at the same time. The earlier performance of each clan began within a smaller scope and today it has significantly transformed into a much larger scope factor of Destiny. It is now divided into many groups or Clans and each of them have their own main menu which has their own list of objectives and rewards.

You might be wondering what is the main objective of your clan? Well, it is important to know that a clan will go on an offensive or defensive mission to try to capture and protect their objectives. Each of the Clans consist of a main base, which they use to train their members to fight against the enemy. A well organized clan can easily take out the enemy using their array of powerful weapons and perks. However, a well-organized clan can only be victorious if they know the correct strategies to join the right fight.

Objectives of Destiny:

One of the main objectives of Destiny is to earn the best rewards from the raids. In order to do this you have to work hard so that you can reach the top position and receive the highest rewards from the special raids. There are 4 special raids in total which are named Nightfall Strike, Curse of Osiris, The Taken King, and The Exotic D Destiny’s bounty. These are the only real challenging Raids in the game and if you work hard enough you can obtain all the rewards in each of these.

Now that you know the main objectives of your Destiny 2 Clans, it is time for you to create your clan and get your new motto. To create your clan you can choose a clan emblem or use a picture of your favorite video game hero. Your chosen emblem or picture will be used. As your clan symbol that everyone who belongs to your clan will see. Now that you have created your clan, the next thing you need to do is to enroll your players.

Joining a new clan in Destiny 2:

Once you have all of your players ready, it is time for you to start the enrollment process. When joining a new clan in Destiny 2, you will see a screen asking you to confirm your membership. Once you have clicked on the “OK” button, it will take you a few minutes to completely sign up. Once you have successfully signed up, you will be able to select your clan name, description, and emblem. This process will be much easier than signing up manually, so you should definitely do it the easiest way.

After finishing this step you will be ready to begin playing. Since most Clans require you to start at level 10, completing one Publish the post of the previous challenges associated with the main quests will help you gain some quick progress in the game. Completing the Moon Warden’s quest, the Fistful of Soul’s quest, and the Hand of Omns will also help you gain some quick progress in the game. Since all of these quests are relatively easy to complete, it really makes no sense not to complete them as quickly as possible.


If you are concerned about the challenges and rewards associated with certain Clans in Destiny 2, you can rest assured there are many other challenges and rewards out there for you to complete. The trick to being a  clan in Destiny 2 successful and dominant clan in Destiny 2 is to have a solid foundation to build from. Whether it is a collection of powerful weapons or a well placed strategy guide, a solid community support system will always be there to help you along the way. The better you understand what the benefits fallout 4 mods of joining a specific clan are, the more likely you are to make the best choice.

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