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Cool Drawing Ideas With Pencil Sketching

Cool Drawing Ideas

Are you new to making cool drawing ideas? Maybe you are looking for a new hobby to help you gather unforgettable memories on the pages of a book?

The cool drawing idea is a unique way to bring drawing ideas into your life. The possibilities are endless. You can add glitter, stickers, and text decorations; your imagination has no limits. But if this is your first-time draw enthusiast, you might feel like a creative scare from time to time.

Let us boost your creativity! Here are some great and unique creative ideas that you can use to spice up your life.

cool drawing ideas

Tapes instead of glue

Pasting photos with glue can be very tricky. So why not use washi tape instead? Washi tape comes in a variety of designs and patterns like flowers, cartoon characters, puppies. It allows you to paste your photos and easily add style to your scrapbook.

However, if you just want to stick your photos and nothing else, you can do it neat and easy with double-sided tape. Once you’ve pasted a page to the back of your photo, simply peel off the protective backing and paste it into your scrapbook.

Map background

Do you love to travel and have many photos to show off? A special way to create a theme for each page of your scrapbook in addition to patterned paper is to add a map of your travels. Use it as a background to add visual interest and position your photos.

If you don’t have a map, print the memories printed from that particular location and put them in place. Concert tickets, airline tickets, and even brochures from your travels can tell a larger story of the places you’ve been.

Pressed flowers and leaves

If you run out of great drawing ideas, you can enlist the help of Mother Nature. Not everyone can draw well. And the easiest way to add realistic flowers without being a master artist is with pressed flowers and leaves.

To properly press flowers or leaves, place them between two sheets of wax paper. Then place the flowers between two heavy books to make sure they are finely pressed. Once they pressed and dried, you can focus on easy drawing tutorials to add a touch of nature to each page.

Fun shapes

Another unique drawing idea is to cut your photos into different shapes. It can get quite repetitive if you continue to stick to traditional rectangular photos for your scrapbook. With just a good pair of scissors, you can break up the monotony and add visual interest to any scrapbook page.

Take some exciting photos from your photo album and cut them into a circle, heart, octagon, or whatever you want. If you want to create a DIY scrapbook, use a variety of craft scissors with patterned edges. This will give your photos attractive edges like triangles, waves, and more.


For a splash of color, don’t forget to add watercolors to your scrapbook items. By using abstract splashes of color, you can quickly transform an entire scrapbook page.

If you are talented, you can also paint pictures on your scrapbook paper. Placing your cropped photos on the page in fun shapes in a pop of color will make them look easier.

Envelopes for small items

Have a few little mementos from your travels but don’t want them to be the highlight of your scrapbook? Small things like tickets or receipts that you have saved from your trip can be put in a nifty little envelope.

Incorporate an envelope into the design of your scrapbook page. You can buy decorative envelopes or make your own out of patterned paper.

Photo grid

Another way to display your images in your scrapbook is to use the photo grid method. Using a ruler, draw a square grid over your photos. Then cut the photos into squares.

Keeping in mind the original position of the squares, tuck them into the scrapbook with a small space between them. The space in between creates an exceptional appearance that does not detract from the photo. This method is ideal for organizing or grouping similar photos in a row so that users can quickly see tons of visual information.


Make sure to use a card as the background for your cool drawing ideas. Another option is to use the map as a reference point. Get a needle and thread and embroider the path you took directly onto the card.

If you are a master of embroidery, you can also use your skills to add small flowers or a landscape to your scrapbook design.

Photos in text

Another way to use the photos you don’t need for scrapbooking is to turn them into words. For example, if you gave it, you’re all since your last trip to Paris and you have tons of photos. You can select some landscape drawing ideas, photos and crop them.

Cut out a photo with the letters “P”, “A”, “R”, “I” and “S”. Letters cut out of scenic photographs look more amazing than plain colored letters. However, you may not want to do this on every page of your travel scrapbook because you are running out of photos. Try using them on some pages for a

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Meaningful texts

When putting together a scrapbook, you don’t always have to limit yourself to photos. The most important thing when designing a layout is to remember what happens on each page.

Don’t just rely on photos for your drawing ideas, use meaningful text that gives your images context. You can also add appointments or a small journal entry to set your topic.

Black and white

Do you want something retro? Print your photos in black and white. It’s like traveling back in time when you use this for your design.

For visual contrast, mix and match your color photos with those in black and white. You can also use black and white photos to create a different feel.


Add some patterned lace or ribbons to give it some texture. To “sew” a border directly onto the page, you can use a hole punch. Because ribbons come in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures, there is an easy way to enhance your scrapbook.

Create and save precious memories

With the scrapbook, you can not only release your creative soul but also preserve precious memories. If you gradually forget special memories due to age, you can still look back by flipping through the pages of your scrapbook.

What are you waiting for? Gather all your art supplies and show your creative genius. You have to make a scrapbook!

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