Dakimakura Pillows

In late 90’s and early 20’s, dakimakura pillows got so much fame as they were considered best anime body pillows around the world. The main thing focusing their fame was their sizes, uses and the material they was made of. The history of these pillows is from Japanese culture and most deeply from Japanese tribes.

Dakimakura pillows are also known as “Dutch wife” or “Bamboo wife”. These dakimakura pillows have multiple characters like husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, male and female for both genders. They also have bamboo girl character with bamboo on female character’s face. It is the representation of an old Japanese culture and tradition. 

Dakimakura Covers and Cases

With the emerging need of body pillows, the dakimakura pillows manufacturing was increased. These pillows are just like ordinary pillows from the inside. The only difference was in the build design of these pillows. They were made just like waist of a normal human to be hugged and sleep with.

The other difference is the exterior of the pillows. These pillows uses traditional dakimakura covers of characters of husband, wife and bamboo girl. To make them more traditional and easy to use, dakimakura shop made these pillows in different sizes and shapes to make them more handy and easy to sleep with.


As explained earlier, dakimakura pillows are made in different sizes to make them handy and easy to use. They are available in 150 by 150 CM, 40 by 40 CM and 40 by 70 and much more. Every age user can buy it according to its own use.
You will be surprised to know that a pillow called “7 meter Daki “is also been introduced. This pillow is 7 meter long and 3 inches wide. Which gives the joy to its consumer and worth buying it. 

Where to buy Dakimakura Pillows

As now you are much familiar with dakimakura pillows, you can now buy it on your own. Dakimakura pillows can be bought from many online stores. One of the best you will find is Dakimakura Pillow Shop. They are providing 24/7 services and give their best to satisfy their customers. The best anime dakimakura pillows you can find online. Mostly the pillows are designed by their artists themselves and to make. They provide you the best material made pillows, covers and cases. On the other hand these pillows also have the positive medical effects on your nerves and body.

What are Dakimakura medical effects?

Dakimakura pillows are also having positive medical effects. From correcting the posture to relieving the pain, they are doing their job very well. Because they are made in a way for human body. Can be used easily and warmly.

Some of the medical pros of dakimakura pillows are explained later in article.

Comforts Sleeps

Reaching home after tidy and exhausted works outside. Done the dinner and now you looking next for a sleep. You took that dakimakura pillow between your and legs and one 150 by 70 cm pillow below your neck.
And within few minutes, you will find yourself in the beautiful valleys of sleep. Forgetting all the exhausted routine and opening your eyes freshly in the morning. You said to yourself… Ah such a nice sleep I got. This is the one of the main task of dakimakura pillows. 

Pressure Joints

If you are an aged person and you find yourself in pain at any joints in the body. You should opted for a dakimakura pillow for a relieving pain experience. But if your pain is unbearable, then immediately consult a doctor as pain may hurts without any proper treatment. 

Aligning the Spinal Cord

Keeping Dakimakura Pillow between the legs and below the neck. Scientifically proven to improve your posture and it will also relieve your pain. As they are responsible to make such nice sleeping and hugging pillows that will make you fresh and active all day

Well a frequently asked question is that why dakimakura pillows are much expensive than expected. So the answer is that the hugs provided to you by these pillow are matchless and priceless. In order to gain relaxation to a part of your life, paying this amount is not very much. 

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