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Different versions of Gmail accounts


There are many ways of increasing your income. And there is another way through that you can increase your income, that is trying to decrease your expense. When you are entering social media marketing then you can increase your income while decreasing the expense. You can buy Gmail accounts cheap rates and can increase your income through earning profit. Our company has the service of selling Gmail accounts at cheap rates and these rates are much cheap that everyone can afford it.

Different Versions

More number of people think that Gmail and G Suite accounts are the same thing. But only some people know that both things are different and there are large numbers of differentiates between both things. The main difference between both services is that Gmail accounts are for free users while G Suite accounts are for those people who pay Google for this service. However, here we will discuss some similarities and differences between Gmail as well as G Suite.

Cost charges

According to Google, there are more than 1.54 billion active users of Gmail these days. But there are not more than 500 million people are using the paid version of Gmail (G Suite). While large numbers of people are using free Gmail accounts. so, you can estimate this difference that most people use Gmail for personal life. But if we compare business companies, most companies prefer to use Gmail accounts for business, instead of other email services. The cost charges of the G Suite account is not enough. But you can purchase 30 GB of data while spending only $5. And unlimited data for small companies for $10 per month. While if you are using free Gmail accounts then you will be able to use only 15 GB of data.

Custom email address

Another main difference between Gmail and G Suite accounts is that you can use your business domain name in the paid version. While if you are using free Gmail accounts for your personal use then you can only use your name domain instead of your company. If you will use free Gmail accounts for your company then you will be at a loss. Because, clients never purchase products from personal domain names, but business companies’ domain name addresses are mostly used. You have seen multiple times that all business companies and departments will never use personal domain names.

Guaranteed uptime

The services of Gmail are best from others and no other email service can provide such services. However, if you are using paid Gmail accounts then you can use the Gmail service for about 99.99%. and according to an estimation, paid Gmail users to face only 9 hours when the system of Gmail is slow in a year. While free Gmail users cannot get this facility. Because Google does not give much time for free users. Buy Gmail Accounts from us and enjoy the services of Gmail 24/7.

24/7 support center

There are some services of Gmail that allow only for paid Gmail users. While free Gmail accounts users cannot get these services. If you are using Gmail paid accounts, then you can contact Google and can chat as well as call if any issue created. But if you are free accounts user then you can get access to Google Drive, Google sheets, and some other services. But if there is some issue with it then you will be unable to make a call or chat with the Gmail support center.

Ads difference

If you are using paid Gmail accounts, then you will be free and can work as you want. Because no one can disturb you and you can work with a fresh mind. But if you are using free Gmail accounts then you can face the disturbance of ads. There will be automatic text ads in your Gmail accounts and if you wrongly click on these ads then your page will be changed. So, this can create problems for you, and it is also known as time-wasting. If you want to escape from these problems, then visit our website and buy Gmail accounts those you want.

Sync Gmail to Microsoft Outlook

If you think that Gmail is the no #1 email service, then Outlook is at the 2nd number. So, if you want to target a greater number of clients then you should sync your Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook. But if you are using free Gmail accounts then you cannot get this service. And if you pay charges to Google for Gmail you will get this facility. By sync with Outlook, you can get access to Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 as well as 2013. This will help you to increase the sale of your products.

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