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Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing Pros and Cons


Regardless of the industry, marketing is a fundamental part of any business. It basically creates awareness in public about your brand and convinces them to buy your products or services. 

With the advancement of technology, digital platforms also became an effective source of marketing. Therefore, we now have both traditional and digital marketing strategies to consider when promoting a business. 

But which of these two types of marketing is more beneficial for your brand? Because not every entrepreneur has enough budget to accommodate both. We have provided a detailed overview of these marketing types to determine which can be more suitable for you. It basically depends on your requirements and finances to chose both or one. 

Traditional marketing 

Posters, brochures, banners, mail ads, promotional items and more are all part of traditional marketing. They have been practiced for decades and there are solid reasons behind that. Despite the integration of technology in everything, they are still powerful due to a number of reasons.

Advantages of traditional marketing 

  • Easily reach local target market 

A brand can reach out through the local radio, magazines, newspapers, or TV channels. Several businesses and writing services including assignment help London strongly recommended that this helps it reach potential consumers within a certain demographic and area. Flyers are also helpful in targeting particular zip codes.

  • It has physical presence

People can hold forms of traditional marketing like coupons, ads, and flyers in their hands. Physical existence is more memorable for human intellect. Even giveaway promotional items like t-shirts, pens, and caps are kept by potential consumers. And they can reference them repeatedly over time, creating an association with your brand. 

  • Easy to comprehend

Traditional methods are more understandable and familiar to audiences because they have been around since so long.  They do not have to reach a website, get a coupon, or scan a QR code. According to official reports, response to direct mails is 5-9 times more than social media, paid search, or email. Target audiences who do not have access to internet welcome this marketing method. 

These were the basic advantages of traditional marketing. But there are also some drawbacks to these methods which we are now going to explore.

Disadvantages of traditional marketing 

  • Less audience engagement

Traditional strategies are a passive marketing form. You provide your target audience with the relevant information and then hope they will procced to purchase. 

  • Costs more 

Radio, television, magazines, or newspaper ads can cost a bundle and quickly consumes your budget. Printing flyers or brochures can be quite expensive. Ultimately, they are just thrown away. 

  • Difficulty in data collection 

Every business needs to know their ROI. This can be quite tough to accomplish through traditional strategies. You can never know the exact number of people who saw your poster or any other kind of ad. And the success of your campaign cannot possibly be measured without accurate figures.

Digital marketing 

Just like traditional marketing, there are different tactics of digital marketing as well. These include:

  • Video and internet ads
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Web content 

Over the years of technological advancement, they have been efficient sources to reach target audience. Methods of digital marketing are evolving and improving with each passing day. And businesses are bound to adopt to stay competitive. So, what makes digital marketing so popular?

Advantages of digital marketing

  • Reaching a larger audience is possible 

Online ads make it easy to convey your brand’s message to audience on a global scale. Posting new information on your social media or website like cheap essay writing service means that you are not just reaching people nearby. The reach of your brand expands even to another continent if you want to.

  • Personalizing content

When you know who your target audience is, a buyer persona can be created. A buyer persona enables businesses to personalize their content to grab more attention. The consumers of today prefer the businesses they engage with to be customized. In fact, 67% of brands need to personalize their customer experience in order to convince consumers to buy from them. 

  • Increases engagement

Using email, social media platforms, and online chats, businesses manage to increase sales and engagements exponentially. Product rating, comments, and sharing allows direct interaction by customers. Digital marketing strategies form relationships and ensure the engagement of target audience. 

  • It is cost effective 

When you create virtual content or post on social media, you aren’t bound by cost per piece budgeting. Printed materials required for traditional marketing needs exactly that. The cost of online promotion is a quarter of the price of traditional ads and has a vast audience reach. Additionally, it is not possible for start-ups to have the same resources as industrial giants. But when they use digital marketing, they can compete equally.

Disadvantages of digital marketing 

  • Trolls and negative feedback

Posting online, opens a business up to direct customer complaints and reviews that are not so favorable. Sometimes people can purposefully make things difficult for your brand. 

  • Search engine rules

Google and other online search engines have certain guideline according to which every brand must work online. It is important to always be aware of new updates in algorithms to keep your marketing efforts on point. That way you can change your tactics whenever needed.

After going through all the pros and cons of both marketing methods its evident that each has its own benefits. According to the nature of your business you can use one or a combination of these tactics. However, digital marketing can be considered more of a winner here. In modern day, technology is required in all fields. It is impossible to boost your business without having an online presence. Because your competitors will certainly be using it. 

Furthermore, digital marketing is easier, needs less finances and uses various forms. You can benefit from all of them and reach a wider range of audience in the least amount. 

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