Electric vehicle charging station installation:

Due to increase numbers of EV electric vehicles, TGEP specialized in providing service about  “affordable DC or Level 2 EV charging station installation ” furnished with the nation’s outstanding Single Phase or Three Phase 220v & Level 2 electric vehicle charger for electric vehicle super-fast charging capability and start functional throughout Ontario, Toronto, Niagara & Brampton.

TGEP EV or Level 2 electric vehicle charging Station converts the gas stations, anillustrative symbol of an internal combustion locomotive, into an electric vehicle charging station based on a business agreement signed by representative authorities.

In all over Ontario, the TGEP DC or Level 2 EV charging station outfitted with a total of more than 50 electric vehicle super-fast charging facilities, including “Home DC Charger, Single Phase or Three Phase 220v EV charger, Affordable EV Charger, Dc Fast Charging Station, Ev Vehicle home charger, dc fast-charging station, Charging Electric Cars at home” throughout Ontario, Toronto, Brampton. TGEP boasting the largest super-fast charging framework in Ontario.

The high-fast charger uses the Single Phase or Three-phase 220v class high-power and high-efficiency charging technology, which is the best in Ontario based on the amount of output and can charge from 20% to 90% within 20-25 minutes when an electric vehicle equipped with an 800V large-capacity battery is charged with a high fast charger.

In particular, the affordable dc or level 2 high fast charger has a partial automation method applied to the connecting line, so customers can easily connect the charging port without feeling the weight of the connecting cable, and the dual-type charging port can charge two electric vehicles at the same time.

TGEP specialized to install a Single Phase or Three-phase 220v charging station capable of super-fast charging in the electric vehicle model.

A TGEP official said, “We have installed TGEP DC or Level 2 EV Station Ontario so that customers can easily and conveniently operate electric vehicles without worrying about charging.” “TGEP Company will continue to take the lead in developing and distributing world-class electric vehicles, EV fast home dc charger.”

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