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Buddies Buzz

Buddies buzz is a Social Network. It is also called a Social Club or community of Buyers and
sellers where buyers can get free products for a test from different sellers. The platform we are
provided is useful for both buyers and sellers. Buyers get free products to use. Sellers get
reviews about their products by providing free products for testing.

What is Product Testing?

A company delivers its new products to the consumers for two reasons. The first one is the
product we are launching in the market will succeed or flops, and the second one is to see the
performance of the products by providing free products for testing. It is also called consumer
The purpose of product testing is to make sure that buyers can understand what products are
for, what it will do for them, and which products are the simplest for them to use. Product
testing is to enhance consumer protection by checking the claims made by the brands during

In this era, most companies like to collect consumer reviews. That product not yet on the
market or want to see the worth of the product in the market because they know by collecting
feedback about products helps them to get weak and powerful points about the products.
Getting negative feedback from consumer rc drift cars help companies to enhance the standard of the
product and resolve the issues.

It helps them to save lots of their time and money also.
Consumers did not get to test products only, but they also get rewards to share their feedback
or reviews. It excellent that you can use products, keep the products free and gain rewards.
Most businesses reward consumers for the feedback they get. Product testing is that the
responsibility of the consumers to offer their honest opinion with none greed.

List of the products that companies provide for testing to buyers:

  1. • Technology
    • Electronic devices
    • Food maker products
    • Cosmetic & makeup products
    • Home use products
    • Baby toys & products
    • Websites

How to achieve targets?

One of the only ways for a seller to make their product successful is by buddies buzz social
networks or community. You had to create a buzz about your new product before its launch
within the market. Buddies buzz some strategies help the companies to launch their products in
the market with full of confidence. Buddies buzz Provide companies the platform to motivate
and encourage consumers to talk about their product even before you launch it.

Like you can release BTS videos, ask consumers or followers to tag or share with their friends
and families and mention a product, it will increase awareness about your brand to many
people and increase buyer’s interest in your products.

Through buddies buzz social networking, buyers have the opportunity to test products free of
any brand. Buyers have full rights to give their reviews or feedbacks about the products. It is a
benefit for the buyers to freely test the products to get to know about the products that how
the product affects them. Helpsfortech

How Social Network affects the company?

By social network companies, sellers get reviews from buyers about products. The feedback
they get from buyers is that what proportion of popularity the product is gaining in the market,
what features are not acceptable by the buyers, what percentage improvements its needs, and
what changes are required. This platform helps tons to the sellers. So, the buyer’s reviews
improve their products by saving their time and money. The product satisfies consumers’ needs at that points success begins.

To receive the best feedback you have to first check that the following
consumers are eligible for your product testing or not. You’ ll take surveys and quizzes from
different people. Take tests related to products, which help you to seek out the product tester
for the companies.

How Social Network affects consumer’s life?

Buyers got free products for testing. Sellers paid the buyers to collect reviews about the
products from buyers. Many companies give consumers free products to use and receive
feedback from buyers.
Join us now to get free products from Amazon, Free Products from eBay, or any online shops.
Visit buddies buzz. You’ ll find many brands that delivered different products to consumers and
gives you a survey, quiz, or discussion questions to fill for the product. The product test will be
taken online their will be few chances to check the merchandise face to face. You’ ve got to fill
out the test that can be a survey or a quiz. If you qualify for the product test, they will select
you for further process. Once you qualify for the test, the company will send you the products
to your home to assess for few days.

Then, they’ ll invite free product feedback about the
merchandise you’ ve tested. Once you complete a survey, they’ re going to pay you.
Take one thing in your mind that if you’ ve got no interest in products you’ re just wasting your
own time. Select only those free products in which you are interested or somehow know about

For example:

The sellers attempt to find their new makeup product tester so that they take a survey related
to the cosmetics or makeup products. If you are interested or know somehow about cosmetics
then select the products otherwise you are just wasting your and companies time. If you know
or have an interest in a cosmetics product then you’ll be qualified and you will not get free
products for testing.

Companies send you free goods, so never miss a chance to receive free products. You are
doing not give your reviews about the business. then sellers will not send you anything
next time. So always remember to gives your feedback about the products. It doesn’t take
much time for reviews.

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