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Get Admission in the Best International Schools in Malaysia with these Tips

Amongst the prime education hubs of Asia today, Malaysia holds great prominence. Owing to the confluence of different nationalities and a thriving cosmopolitan culture, the best private schools here have gained international recognition. In an increasingly competitive world, every parent wants their child to gain international exposure with holistic academic progress and balanced co-curricular development. In these aspects, the international schools in Kuala Lumpur have been hailed for their high standards of teaching and excellent infrastructure. Another aspect is that these schools offer multiple curricula such as Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CSLP), Cambridge IGCSE and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), to name a few. This is an added advantage for expats and NRIs who are concerned about their child’s smooth transition in a new city and school. As a parent, if you are looking forward to having your child gain admission to the best international school in Malaysia, the following tips will surely come in handy!

  • Plan well in Advance

 Given the increasing competition and how popular these schools are, it is always advisable to do your homework well in advance. For instance, if you are planning to get your child enrolled in the next academic session that commences in April, begin as early as June or July to go through the various school websites and shortlist the ones that appeal to you most. This is particularly because the admission forms of most reputed international schools in Malaysia become available in August for the next academic year. So by the time admissions open, you’ve already shortlisted the best IB or CBSE schools. Do keep in mind that the better the school, the more simplified and easy-to-access their admission process would be. Also, the most noteworthy international schools provide clear, lucid information on admission procedure, fees, scholarships and also enable you to easily resolve queries or book a meeting on their website. 

  • Keep all Necessary Documents Handy

As part of the admission process to the best international school in Malaysia, make sure that all the required documents are ready with you in hard and soft copies. While submitting the Admission Form online (or even if you prefer to post the same) and also when you visit the school to finalize the process towards the end, several documents are mandatory. These would include your child’s birth certificate, passport, visa, previous school records, the official transfer certificate or leaving certificate of the school that was last attended and their medical records including immunization. You would also need to provide his/her latest passport-size photographs. Any special learning requirement needs to be communicated during the application process.

  • Gear up for Assessment

It is a norm for most well-known international schools in Malaysia to review all application forms in January. This gives both parents and students sufficient time to prepare for the assessment and counseling that follows eventually. The basic criteria for reviewing admissions and short-listing students include the child’s age, previous educational background, linguistic abilities, academic achievements, co-curricular achievements and special needs if any. English being the medium of instruction of any reputed international school in Malaysia, it is important for your child to be comfortable with the same. If your application is shortlisted, most schools will give you a call by January end.

  • Prepare for Entrance Test and Interview

Given the limited seats in most prestigious private schools, there is a screening process conducted via entrance test and interview. Once you are notified that your application has been shortlisted, you are sent a date and time schedule to visit the school campus for this final round of screening. Although the syllabus for the test is mostly communicated in advance, you can always feel free to get in touch with school authorities for more information. The interview is usually a mode to familiarize you with the school ethos and to judge the student’s ability to gel in the school environment. Do make your child understand that one needn’t have cold feet for the interview, and it is just a formal conversation for both parties to get to know each other better. The results are usually out on the same day, so that you can go ahead with the final proceedings without delay.

  • Go through Campus Tour and Final Counseling

For parents and students who are interested, a campus tour and one-on-one counseling session is usually organized before final admission. All your queries with regards to Curriculum, Exams, Attendance, Books, Uniforms, Boarding Facilities etc should be addressed here. The necessary brochures and informational material are generally provided alongside. Finally, you need to go ahead and pay the registration fees and the admission process is complete.

To conclude, gaining admission for your child in the best international school in Malaysia can be hassle-free if you are well-informed and prepare well in advance, keeping the above guidelines in mind!

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