Helcim Review – The Best Payment Processor

The choice of a good payment processor is an important choice for your company. It could be the entry point into thousands each year saved. Or in some instances hundreds of dollars a month that is lost. This is your money. It’s not a good idea to place your money into the hands of any random company that appears on Google. We are here for you and we’re given the honor of offering you Helcim, the industry’s most customer-focused and trusted, simple to use and cost-effective payment processing business. Are you skeptical? Look through their customers’ testimonials. It is also possible to check out what the industry has got to say:

Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor

Payment gateways make payments via the internet. Payment processors, on contrary, are accountable to process credit card transactions, either by electronically transferring the funds from the account of your customer or by delivering a check in paper form to the person who purchased the purchase. You can read Helcim-review to get better idea about it.

Do I require a processor to process in-person payments?

If you’re accepting credit or debit card payments, you’ll need an online payment processor to process or transfer payment. Paying in person for payments is very easy thanks to companies such as Helcim (Our #1 recommendation). With their simple to create account and electronic card reader you are able to start processing payments the same day.

Let’s get to the good things to come…

A Complete Payment Solution

Helcim claims to be an organization that deals in payments in their fundamentals and their extensive payment solutions are a reflection of this. No matter if you’re seeking to accept payments in person or online, Helcim has a complete collection of payment tools specifically made for businesses. In-person payment options are available, Helcim offers the Helcim Card Reader which we review in depth below. If you want to accept online payments there are a variety of options to accept payment at no cost when making use of their tools. You can make use of Helcim’s Virtual Terminal for making payments over the phone, create paid-for pages hosted on your site as well as send invoices and payments, or take to the route of e-commerce and set up an online store that is hosted.

Whichever combination of software you’re using to accept payments, the information on your account is synchronized to the cloud. This means you’re always current with how your company is performing, look over your transactions history, accept payments from anywhere, handle customers’ information, and even send invoices from one location.

Customer Care

Imagine dialing the phone and immediately connecting with a person who is actually human regarding your problem? You don’t have to search for a contact number only to be directed to a help desk with “helpful articles” that don’t do the job. (*Cough Cough…Square). It’s like a wish that’s been realized, doesn’t it? Helcim actually has staff members available to assist you. They aren’t just experts on Helcim and its services, but also the payment industry in general. They have a committed team of highly customer-focused people and their reviews usually refer to them doing their best to help their customers.. They have a website full of information about the business, current trends and updates, and much more. They even have a video blog and Youtube channel that is full of useful educational material.

Rates And Pricing

His Interchange Plus Price is distinctive and is among the most compelling reasons to take a look at them, because they are generally considered to be the most transparent and affordable method of accepting credit cards. For starters your first three months are included. This means there is there’s no monthly charge for the initial three months. After that, you’ll be charged the same amount of $20 per month for access to all tools and features Helcim provides such as invoicing, product management an online store customers, customer management, payments and an online terminal. All this is with no hidden charges or commitments. What’s special about this pricing plan is the discount on processing fees based on volume that can be best explained using this chart: