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How can I make my Gmail account more secure?


Gmail has two types of accounts, phone verified and non-verified accounts. There is no time of blocking of non-verified Gmail accounts. And due to this, the demand for un-verified accounts is decreasing from time to time. Because there is a need for the trust for using Gmail. We advise you to use Gmail PVA accounts for your personal and business purpose. Because this will increase the reputation of you as well as your business.

Security of Gmail accounts

Some people afraid to buy Gmail accounts in bulk, because of security. But it should keep in mind that the security of Gmail is best for all users. There is no matter that for which purpose you want to use Gmail accounts. But you can use the security features of Gmail in all conditions. There are more than 1.5 billion active users of Gmail. But about half of people will not aware of the lays of security of Gmail. However, here are some important security features of Gmail. And after learning about these features, your first choice will be Gmail for your business as well as personal life.

Two-step verification

As we discussed above that the security of Gmail is strict rather than all other email services. And it offers the best security systems to its users. Its best security lay is two factors verification method. And it is useful when you want to login into your Gmail account.

If you are using Gmail accounts in normal condition, then you should only enter your username and password to log in. But when you want to use a two-step verification system then you will use another step for using your account. When you will log in to your Gmail account then you will get a code on your phone number or your provided app. Without enter another code, you will not be able to use your Gmail account. This best security system was introduced in October 2014. If you want to get this security system, then buy Gmail accounts and enjoy it.

24-hours lockdown

You will be surprised to see the system of Gmail security. This feature of security is very important for Gmail users and no other social media app or email service has this type of security. How much it is amazing that if your account is hacked then it should block automatically. But this is not amazing for Gmail users because Gmail accounts could block in one minute to 24 hours for some specific reasons. Here are some conditions in which your account will be blocked and then you can recover it through important information as well as verification.

Lot numbers of email sending

If someone hacks your Gmail account and start to use it. Then your account will be automatically blocked for 24 hours. If the hacker uses your account for sending, deleting, or download some files in a short time then your account will be blocked. Even, if you will send large numbers of emails in a little time then your account will be a temporary block. In this case, you will be receiving a message of “Lockdown in Sector 4” then you can use your account after 24 hours of waiting. If you will buy Gmail PVA accounts, then you will be able to keep safe your Gmail accounts.

Using software

There are some other reasons that your account could be blocked. For example, if you want to use software sharing the files to others or keeping store files as well as you are using any other third-party software for your account, then your account will be blocked. If you want to buy Gmail accounts, then we suggest you use these accounts manually. Otherwise, by using software, your accounts will be blocked.

Browser related issues

Sometimes, it is possible that no one is hacking your account. But your account is blocked. So, another main cause of automatically blocking is your browser. If you are occurring any issues with your browser, then your account will be blocked automatically. For example, if your browser tells you to be reloading your inbox again and again. Then you should clear the cache and cookies of your browser. And then you will get rid of this issue.

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