How to deal with the Strandhogg vulnerability associated with the applications?

The researchers in the world have discovered the vulnerability which can be further exploited to use to steal the data or retention is very easily and this particular vulnerability has been named Strandhogg because this is a word that has been derived from the old language and is directly linked with having proper access to capturing the livestock or indigenous people who were used as slaves. The researchers also say that this particular vulnerability can allow the attackers to launch sophisticated attacks without the need for the android device to be rooted which is one of the most important prominent features provided by this particular validity.

 This android vulnerability has been exploited in the wild and is a malicious application that would steal the banking and login credentials of the people and can lead to different kinds of issues in the long run. So, whenever the user will type their username and password to log in to the application the Malware will steal the entire data and people will be dealing with all these kinds of things perfectly.

 Hence, being clear about how these particular vulnerability works are very much important for the people and the following is the comprehensive process:

  • As per the results of the Strandhogg is a flaw that will happen during multitasking whenever the people will be switching between different kinds of tasks or processes or operations or applications.
  • This particular android operating system is based upon utilisation of the technique known as task repainting that will divert the processors processing power to words the application which has been perfectly being used on the screen.
  • The Strandhogg concept is based upon this particular system only and whenever the user will be typing on the genuine application the malicious code in the application will be fired up and will be taking the entire data without any kind of notification to the user.
  • This particular vulnerability does not require is the root access of the device which is one of the most prominent features of this particular validity and people can also gain access without any kind of additional permissions which can lead to different issues with them.
  • According to the researchers, this particular application was distributed through the Google play store with the help of downloader applications or the second stage payloads which meant that there was an accident installation of the malicious application which the users downloaded at the time of downloading another application.
  • The dropper is considered to be an application that pretends to have the same functionality that of a particular application which is the gaming, utility or photo editing application but it will install additional applications which can execute the malicious tasks into the background and this is the most important situation associated with the Strandhogg vulnerability.
  • There are approximately more than 36 malicious applications that are using the Strandhogg vulnerability and are also being distributed on the Google play store. After the researchers have been changing these kinds of systems they have been removed from the App Store and now until 2019 the Google had not developed any kind of patch for this particular vulnerability which makes it altered for over three months.
  • The researchers have also said that they have submitted the real-life evidence of the attackers with the help of this particular vulnerability and can even cause serious damages to the mobile banking users in a single case.
  • It is very much obvious that after stealing the users banking credentials the hackers will also have proper access to the SMS along with a two-factor authentication method that can lead to further different issues for the people and further this can be very much daunting for them. So, to deal with all these kinds of things it is very much important for people to get rid of the Strandhogg vulnerability as soon as possible which is only possible if the organisations follow different kinds of tips and tricks in the whole process.

 Broadly there are two main ways of protecting such systems from the Google play store and those application systems are explained as follows:

  1. It is very much important for people to set the task affinity of all the activities to the star-star and the application developer will also be making sure that this will be based upon the empty string because the application tag of the android manifest.XML to indicate the activities will be undertaken perfectly. This will also help in getting the rest to only some extent and will ensure that people will be protected all the time.
  2. It is important for the people to proactively protect the applications which are against the Strandhogg exploits and similar vulnerabilities in the future because multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered at the end operating system and further being clear about these kinds of proactive systems of protecting the applications is very much important so that known as well as unknown threats can be dealt with perfectly. Going with the option of implementing them in production and the shield system is considered to be the best way of protecting the application from the inside-outside by adding multiple layers of security to prevent the application manipulation with the help of malware during the run time. In the case, any kind of irregularity has been directed this will help in actively blocking the suspicious activity and will ensure that this particular behaviour will also be prevented in the coming future.

 Hence, from the past few years, there have been different kinds of attacks on the banking applications which are significantly increasing which is the main reason that organisations need to make sure that proper consumer education has been created so that they never share their passwords and usernames with anyone and this is the best possible way of dealing with the Strandhogg vulnerability. The Strandhogg represents a very real challenge for banking users across the globe and further being clear about every aspect with the help of Appsealing is very much important so that safety and security can be given a great boost.

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