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How To Draw A Car With A Pencil – A Master Class

In this article, we will look at two options: how to draw a car with pencil. The first option is a classic car, Chevy 1957, and the second is a modern sports car Ferrari.

The first version of how to draw a car with a pencil

Chevy 1957 is one of the best cars available today. Before you start drawing, look at its pictures, analyzing every detail of them.

Follow the red lines, gray lines marked in the previous figure.

how to draw a car

  1. Draw a small rectangle (front end) and attach it to the right at a large angle rectangle (passenger side). Below mark in front of the circle – this is the bus. Add a curve to get the wheel. The rear wheel should be oval.
  2. Build the whole machine for cool drawing a diamond, and it turns hood. Show car mirrors and side windows, draw three sloping lines connecting them and pull the roof.
  3. Making the RV overlap as shown in the figure, inside circles indicate the wheel with the help of small curves from the window and windshield.
  4. Now, side molding is drawn as a long Y-shaped tube with an open end. At the top of the front part of the molding put three semi-circles. We represent half of the rear bumper. Doors hold straight and curved curves on them – the short straight, the door handles.
  5. Draw lights consisting of a small circle and a little more than a circle shape. To designate a V-8 engine to place the v-shape figure between the headlights. Else repeat the proposed figures.
  6. It only remains to add a few strokes to complete the picture and identify the shadows. If you do not work for the first time to learn a lesson on how to draw a car step by step, continue to train until the desired results are not fun.

The second option on how to draw a car with a pencil

According to most motorists, sport Ferrari – it’s a memorable car. He is known worldwide for his appearance and assembly quality. Before you start a lesson about how to draw a pencil machine, look at Ferrari pictures.

As in the first emblem, follow the red lines.

how to draw a car

  1. Starting is the same; draw rectangles, straight lines, circles, and ovals.
  2. To give the desired shape car, draw a curved line on the front side of the hood, windshield, and roof to obtain a rounded shape. Form each wheel a little more with the help of a small circle inside the circle. Increasing tire thickness. Above and to the right inclined rear-wheel, draw a straight line to indicate the lower edge driving window.
  3. Draw ovals for the side window and the gas orifice. From the front wheel to the rear holding a straight line, aimed a little up with the help of straight and curved lines that form the front grille, doors, and roof.
  4. Near the rear of the front wheel, draw a T-shape, and under it the lines, as suggested below. We make bumper cars. On the hood, draw two parallel lines and a rectangle behind the windshield.
  5. It remains only to finish, and fine details make the darkening where shown.

Now you learned how to draw cars and traditional and modern sports.

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