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How to Find the Best location for Netgear Router?

Choosing the best location for your Netgear router plays an important role in increasing its efficiency. People don’t give the required attention when it comes to deciding the location of their Netgear router while installing it. As a result, they land in various troubles like poor internet connection, WiFi dropping issue, or Netgear router login not working. If you don’t want to face such issues, go through this article to know which area can be the best location to consider for your Netgear router while performing the setup process.

Points to Keep in Mind While Locating Your Netgear Router

No matter, whether you are performing Netgear router setup or Netgear extender setup, the following check-points apply equally to both:

1. Keep Your Netgear Router in Open Place

Keep in mind that the Netgear router should be placed in an open area. It might be an excellent step if you keep it on a higher surface. To prevent their home interior getting messed, people generally keep their Netgear routers under the table or inside a cabinet. But, be aware that doing so will not only limit your internet connection but also affect the performance of your Netgear router. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your Netgear router in an open area for an enhanced performance.

2.  Keep it Away from WiFi Interference Devices

Another thing you should do while selecting the location for your Netgear router is to keep it away from the reach of WiFi interference devices. For example, devices like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, cellphones, etc. They can prevent you from accessing Netgear Nighthawk login while Netgear router setup process.. To increase your router’s efficiency, it is recommended to keep it away from the reach of WiFi interference devices.

3. Place Your Netgear WiFi Router at the Center

If you have placed your Netgear router in the corner of your home, then you may face an internet connectivity issue. The ideal location for your Netgear router is the center-most location of your house. Also, keep in mind that the area you have selected to place your Netgear WiFi router is in the connectivity range of your WiFi modem.

4. Keep the Reflexive Objects at Bay

Reflexive objects like mirrors, aluminum studs, and glass also affect the performance of your Netgear WiFi router. They interfere with the router signals and cause internet connection problems. Chances are that they might completely disable your router’s WiFi signals. Thus, keep your Netgear router away from the reflexive objects too.

5. Check the LED Status on Your Router

If you are unable to decide the location of your Netgear router, then check the LED status on it. If all the LED lights are glowing green on your router, it means it has established a strong WiFi connection with your modem. It is a sign that your hunt for choosing the right location for the router has been accomplished. Just in case, if the LED on your Netgear router glows red, then consider changing its location and select the one that is in the range of your modem.

6. Manage a Clear Line of Sight Between Your Router and Modem

To establish the best connection, make sure that there is a clear line of sight between your Netgear router and the modem. If you find thick walls or any other obstruction occurring between your router and the modem, consider changing the location of the router. Thus, it is advisable to keep the router and modem in the same room. But, bear in mind that they should not be placed too close to each other. This will result in a clash of their WiFi signals, and you will end up facing internet connectivity issues.

To Conclude

We hope that these points will help you in selecting the best location for your Netgear router. Following these Netgear router troubleshooting tips will not only prevent you from various Netgear router issues but also help you enjoy a blazing -fast internet.

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