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How to improve your arguments for debate competition?

Debate competitions are aimed to improve students speaking as well as expressing skills in the English language.

The debate is written, either in favor of the topic or against the topic. 

 Collecting information for debate competitions can be exhausting and difficult. Students may need some guidance and assistance from teachers, mentors or parents, in collecting information as well as forming argumentative sentences. 

In this article we will explore the ways by which students can improve their debate arguments, we will also explore some topics that the students can use for their debate competition.

Selecting topics: 

For writing an impressive debate, it is important to select an impressive topic. 

Debate writing is such that revolves entirely around the argumentative topic selected by students or given to students.

When debate competitions are held at the school level students are usually given the topic of debate, where students have the freedom to decide whether they want to speak in favor of the topic or against the topic. 

sometimes students are given an assignment that asks students to write a proper debate on any topic of their choice, it is done so to check the expressing and written proficiency of the students.

Selecting a topic for students might be a handful of tasks, that’s why assignment help methods can be handy. 

To make it easy for students we have compiled a shortlist of topics that students can choose for their debate competition:

  • The impact of more screen hours on the eyes and its relation to social media addiction. 
  • The increasing pollution leading to climate change and depletion of the ozone layer.
  • Impact of gender prejudice on LGBTQ+ community. 
  • Teaching children more languages at an early age to increase their knowledge and improve their cognitive abilities. 
  • Increase in the inflation rate and the falling of economic stature 
  • Reading from traditional books is more impactful than reading from e-books. 
  • Increase in the latest mobile technology and its impact on the academic life of a younger generation 
  • Fighting virtual games and their effect on the minds of teens or adolescents
  • Online classes leading to falling off scores in the student’s academic performance.
  •   Ragging and bullying lead to an increase in the suicide rate among students.
  • Animal testing experiments and their impact on the environment.
  • Government and its ignorance toward climate change. 
  • Addiction to substance abuse among the younger generation and its relation with academic stress. 
  • Impact of increasing coaching centers and tuition centers on traditional classrooms. 
  • Day boarding or boarding school impacting children’s perception towards their parents. 
  • Lack of mental health centers in India might be the leading cause of the increase in the suicide rate
  • The a huge pay gap between men and women all across the world.
  • Reservation policy, good or bad for the students struggling hard from the general category
  • Black Lives Matter movement was a success or not, what was its impact on the black community in America
  • Acceptance of LGBTQ+ after the legalization of gay marriage in India and the taboo related to the LGBTQ+ community


Once the students have selected the topic for their debate it’s time to start collecting content for the debate. 

Students need to first decide whether they want to speak in favor or against

After deciding that students can go to the internet and look for arguments that support their stand on the topic. 

For exclusive and reliable content, we recommend students to read newspapers, magazines, and books that might have content related to the topic. 

Usually, most of the students, go to the internet for content resources, the internet might save a lot of time while providing much of the information, students need to be careful, of the source they are collecting content from. 

The Internet contains both true and false information and in abundance. 

Students should first check the credibility of the website and only then they should consider reading and collecting information. 


While preparing for spoken debate competition or written assignment, students should begin by outlining the content of the debate. 

It is very important that students organize the content in a systematic manner. 

Quite often students just jot down points in an unorganized manner which makes it hard for them to remember the content. 

Unorganized content also takes away the reliability and credibility of the content which eventually affects student’s performance.

Students should always write the content in points, and in descending order. 

Whatever topic students select they need to provide information in descending order that is they need to highlight the points from the past and move towards the present than the future. 

This shows the listener or the reader that the students have done in-depth research and understand the concepts in detail. 

The tone of the debate

Debate writing is different from speech writing, and students need to understand this difference. 

While writing the debate students must focus on the tone of their speech. In the debate, students are supposed to take a stand and portray their thought and opinions with actual factual information supporting their opinions. 

If students are preparing for the debate competition it is important that they should stay attentive during their competitor’s arguments, and when it’s time to represent their own arguments students can include their competitor’s arguments and then speak against them. 

This will grant students bonus points from the judge of the competition. 

Students need to make sure that they have collected valid information and that the tone of their debate is appropriate and not aggressive.

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