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How to increase followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social networks with the greatest popularity and number of users today, and it is not for less, since it offers each of its users the possibility of having fun, as well as making money through it . As is the case with brands or influencers, for example.

And if one of your objectives currently is to Buy Instagram Followers Canada , we must indicate that this is achieved by the number of interactions in your account, this time, in Followers Shop, we will tell you what are the effective tips that you should follow to achieve this purpose.

How to increase followers on Instagram

🌟 Write an engaging bio

The biography, like the profile photo, is the cover letter within Instagram , so it is necessary that your biography be clear and convincing enough for potential new followers. A profile that is unclear and is not incessant, may not have many interactions.

In addition, we also recommend that these data are not missing within your bio or biography:

The name: it is important that you put the name of the brand or the one that identifies you as an influencer , remember that this is going to be included within the Instagram search engines, so make sure that, in effect, it is the most appropriate .

Website: in case you have other sites, it is recommended that you include it within the biography, to attract much more traffic to that other website.

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🌟 Formulate a good content strategy

One of the extremely effective ways, and, in addition, to have an order when increasing followers on Instagram , is by defining a well-structured content strategy , where you know what type of publications you are going to post. in your feed. In this way, you will be able to achieve the following objectives:

Increase your brand recognition.

Promote a certain product, to increase your sales.

Increase traffic effectively to your website.

🌟 Define your target audience

Another really important point, since when segmenting towards who is going to direct a campaign or content strategy , we will have a greater possibility of increasing followers on Instagram who are really interested in what we do or our brand.

This way you can create suitable content to gain the most followers on Instagram .

🌟 Share interesting and quality content

Then, defining your content strategy is extremely important, that within it you include quality and interesting content that motivates and likes it so much that it causes sharing, and thus without a doubt, you will be making sure to increase your followers immediately.

What you post must be totally interesting and especially focused on interacting and entertaining your entire audience, so we recommend using visual content, and very captivating.

🌟 Your posts must contain a description

For a publication to have a greater impact, it is necessary for each one to have a good description , and in this way you can increase each of the interactions, in order to achieve a better and greater reach in each publication, thus translating into a greater number of followers .

🌟 Avoid posting from month to month

If your goal is to increase followers on Instagram , believe us that by posting every month it will not be possible for you to reach your goal, so we recommend you to post regularly, several days a week if possible, although this depends on your strategy and what you defined in it.

Another very important point when publishing is that you do it at the right times , since the publications can have a greater interaction at certain times of the day. It is not the same to publish when most of your audience is working, than when they are resting, for example.

When you have the Instagram business profile active , analytics can help you know what is the best time to post your posts.

🌟 Don’t forget about hashtags for any reason

Hashtags play an extremely important role in each of the publications, including Stories or stories, and in this way they will be able to be discovered by new users in search engines .

Of course, try to use the hashtags appropriately, it is generally recommended to use a maximum of 5 hashtags per post, which must be completely related to what you are posting .


We recommend you to search for those hashtags that are currently being popular, and this can be done through tools that are totally at our disposal, we leave you some of them:

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🌟 Include location in your posts

Another way to get positions within Instagram is through location , especially if your company or brand has an establishment or physical location, so it will be wonderful for them to locate you, and it is another way to increase sales, in that sense.

Also, it is quite good when it comes to sharing an event, since you will be connected with another series of guests to the event, and these could become your new followers.

🌟 Create contests or giveaways

Contests or sweepstakes on Instagram are also an excellent way, first to generate Engagement with your followers, in addition, they are capable of attracting a fairly large and interesting audience, so we recommend doing them in a row.

Best of all, there are many apps that can help us when creating contests on Instagram , and in this way we can run completely reliable contests for the public.

🌟 Get your followers to tag their friends

From time to time, it is recommended that you motivate your followers to tag their friends, and this can be achieved in many ways, but one of the well-known is through publications, where you seek to interact.

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