How to use your iTunes gift card in Nigeria?

If you’ve received an iTunes gift card, you have two options: to redeem it or sell it. In the case that your gift card was bought in Nigeria, you will be able to redeem it in exchange for use at the iTunes store. If, however, you don’t use iTunes and rather not redeem it, you can sell it for cash instead. This way, you’ll be able to use the cash value of the gift card in naira, for any other purchases. 

Why sell your iTunes gift card

Selling your iTunes gift card online is a straightforward and secure way to obtain its cash value. If you choose the right website, you can receive the money in minutes and in a secure fashion. Many people are given gift cards for stores that they don’t use. Without exchanging them, this could result in losing out on the money altogether when the gift card expires. 

 iTunes gift

If you sell your gift card before it expires, you can use the money to spend on what you like. You won’t be restricted to one store, that perhaps you never use or don’t have access to. In many cases, people use their gift cards for the sake of it to buy goods they don’t need. If you trade in your card, this won’t be necessary.

Where to sell your iTunes gift card

The best website to sell your iTunes gift card in Nigeria is GC Buying. The site offers the option to both buy and sell gift cards and is connected to a wide range of buyers. You will get a fair rate for your gift card in naira in an instant payment. GC Buying not only offers a fast and convenient service but also operates under a strict privacy policy.

How to sell your iTunes gift card

Selling your iTunes gift card couldn’t be simpler with GC Buying. All you need to do is create an account and a dashboard will be set up for you. Here you will see options displayed to sell your gift card and withdraw money. You will need to attach a bank account in order to receive your instant payment, but all steps can be taken on this easy to use interface.

To sell your iTunes gift card, click on “sell gift card” and complete the necessary details and submit the form. Your card will be quickly processed and you will receive a notification on your dashboard when you have been credited its value in naira. You can then click “withdraw now” and choose whether you’d like all or a part of the money to be transferred to your assigned bank account. The whole process only takes minutes to complete.

Instead of wasting an unwanted iTunes gift card, why not sell it online? You’ll receive the cash value instantly to spend on the items you prefer. Trading in gift cards online is fast, easy, and secure with GC Buying. For more information about selling iTunes gift cards, get in touch today.

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