Make Effective Political Signs – Some Essential Considerations to Make

Digital signage with electronic display

On looking around, we can see that various types of signages are a part of our environment. We can see it everywhere. There are advertising signs, real estate signs, promotional signs, construction signs, and so many more. During elections, another type of signage takes over the lead, which is political signs.

But whether these political signs that start to pop up everywhere during the election campaigns make a difference in the chances of a candidate winning or losing? The simple answer is ‘yes. Political signs do have a significant role to play in elections. Many surveys and studies have shown that signages play a crucial role in pursuing the interest and admiration of the voters towards the contestants.

However, to ensure this advantage, these signs and banners need to be designed and displayed well. If you plan to design political signage, here are some simple but workable tips for engaging the audience and ensuring better results from your campaigns.

Choosing among various signage types

You have the scope of ordering various types of political signs for public places, campaign offices, and yard signs, etc. For example, a comprehensive election campaign may involve different types of signages to grab the attention and admiration of potential voters. These contain various types of messages across different locations based on priorities. Some of the leading options you may consider for political signage include, but are not limited to.

  • Yard signs
  • Banners
  • Various flags
  • Vehicle decals and wraps
  • Car magnets
  • Displays for events and election conventions
  • Table-top displays
  • Tents and booths
  • Canopies
  • Digital signage with electronic display

The more number and varieties of displays you plan for the campaign, the better results expected could be.

Know the audience to set the goals

It is essential to understand your audience to define your goals for signage. You may want to make different types of displays for different goals to make them appealing to target viewers. Consider whether you want to appeal to the voters who are already supporting your party, or you want to grab the attention of voters having other political views too. There should be consideration given to the neutral voters and specific categories of voters like women, different communities, etc. By strategizing it well, your political signage campaign can bring in more desirable results.

Political sign goals

The goals are limitless on a case-to-case basis; however, the most common goals you can consider are:

  • To raise awareness about the candidate and campaigns
  • Encourage the supporters to vote
  • To advertise endorsements.
  • Share the reasons and political ideology as to why to vote for the candidate.
  • Advantages of the political party and flaws of the opponents

It is important to brainstorm these and get your objectives and goals clear to strategize the sign campaigns. Once you have these goals set, it will act as the guideline for all aspects of signage design as to the colors to be used, content copy, and even deciding the sign’s size to contain the content without congestion.


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