Memorizing the Quran with Tajweed

Memorize holy Quran with Tajweed is beneficial for you in this world and in the future and will help you understand the Quran deeper because the first reading of the Quran is repetition. By repeating the verses of the Quran several times, you begin to focus on what you are reading. and then you will begin to understand. On the other hand, you will receive ten awards for reading a letter. So memorizing the Quran is a great gift from Allah SWT. The good news is that if you really want to remember this, Allah Almighty will make it easier for you.

Join us today and memorize Quran online faster and easier with the best Quran teacher.

This course is designed by experts to help you become the Quran of Hafiz, whether you want to memorize some of the famous suras of the Quran or the entire Quran.

Everyone: children, adults, and sisters can participate in our Quran memorization. With the option of a one-to-one Quran memorization course so that your teacher can only focus on you and help you achieve your goals, at this stage you will also learn Quran memorization techniques to help you memorize more. the best way.

Our Quran teacher uses the most important and useful method for online Quran lessons students and guides them to learn Quran online step by step. All Qur’anic teachers have degrees in hifdhu / memorization, tajweed, tafsir, and hadith.

The best thing about our online Quran memorization course is that we focus on memorizing and reading both. Secondly, most of the time you can have a flexible class schedule as we understand that most children or adults cannot memorize their Quran or their work due to a busy school schedule. 

memorize holy quran

This is advice from experienced scholars and teachers for kids and adults who want to embark on a journey to learn the Quran online and teach them what they find useful for others.

Before you start, memorizing the Quran online is a spiritual journey, fulfilling Allah’s intentions (Niya) is essential, and without Allah’s strong Niya, you will be rewarded in your future life. there is no. Some people do this because they are called Hafez or want to be known as a good Muslim in the Islamic community, but what does that bring to Allah? Anywhere.

The next thing I want to talk about is that it’s not necessary. I will say it again. If you find it difficult, don’t start memorizing the Quran. Allah SWT says: We certainly made the Quran easier to remember, so does anyone remember it?

In fact, Allah’s swt says it made the Quran easier for us, Alhamdulillah. Believing otherwise only complicates our work.

And now for advice:

Follow Sunnah and respect the Quran.

Always keep it clean.

Run wudu before memorizing the Quran online.

Pay attention to the Quran and store it delicately and comfortably. Don’t treat it like a school math textbook. These are Allah’s words, so treat them that way.

Don’t be too long:

When it comes to the Quran, we knew that the Quran was a very valuable and important part of Islam, so the Quran will always do its best not to talk away from you. “Oh, another episode or another YouTube video.”

Get up. Take the Quran and do it.

Develop techniques:

If you find a memorization technique that suits you, stick with it.

Try to minimize changes.

Keep the same Mushaf / Quran as much as possible.

Read the Quran at the same time and place every day.

The less change, the better.


Read Tafsir:

The Quran is very beautiful, but without understanding the Quran, the beauty of Allah’s words cannot be understood.

Some students complained that the Quran was difficult to remember and needed guidance.

When we ask them: Do you read Tafsir?

They said: No, we haven’t read Tafsir.

You may think this is the reason why some people have a hard time remembering the Quran on the Internet. We do not consider Tafsir to be the only goal in the struggle to memorize the Quran. But it really helps a lot.

Listen to the audio:

Listen to the recording of the poem you are trying to memorize.

Like music stuck in my head. The same should be done in the Quran.

Listen to the reading several times before you start improving your memory.

Our Quran guide will help you by reciting poems and correcting mistakes and will send you lesson notes.

Review Review Review:

People often ignore criticism that it is not as important as Hiffs.

In fact, the opposite is true. We need to remember what you remember and the only way to do that is to repeat.

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