Must Know about - Cranberry juice for gut health
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Must Know about – Cranberry Juice for Gut Health

Cranberry juice and fruit has been touted in recent studies as one of the best for improving gut health. It also has been proved to be an effective aid in reducing bacterial infection. For males cranberry can be the best gift for valentine as it is one of the aphrodisiac fruits. It has vitamin and nutrients that keeps the flame burning.

Cranberries are mentioned as native fruits in America. Now the fruit is available throughout the year in frozen and fresh forms. It is widely used in juice blends and cocktails. But it can be taken seriously for its values in fighting gut infection, urine tract infection and providing support to men in increasing the desire as aphrodisiac fruit.

Cranberry for bacterial infections

Cranberry juice has proved itself as an effective natural remedy for gut infections.  The trials results in gastroenterology and hematology journal mentioned that cranberry juice kills bad bacteria in our digestive system, causes inflammation, and leads to various diseases.

The trails were conducted on males with some placebo. The men on cranberry juice for 8 weeks showed improvement as much as 20 % in reducing bad bacteria (pathogenic bacteria) in guts compared to placebo. But they also mentioned that one should use antibiotics and take proper medication. The cranberry juice is the best supplementary and one of the best natural remedies for gut health.

How, cranberry juice works for gut health is explained in the study. It said that there are colonies of microorganisms in our digestive tract. There are both good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria help us in digestion by breaking down the food. It also boosts our immunity. The bad bacteria cause diseases like ulcers, etc. When we talk about improving digestion, we intend to improve the health of bacteria that helps in digestion so that we can prevent bad bacteria doing damage to our digestive system.

Helicobacter pylori are bad bacteria. It is behind several cases of ulcer, stomach cancer, gastritis, etc. It is a widespread problem in the world and many in developing countries are suffering from gut related health issues. There are medicines and antibiotics, but these can cause some side effects. The reports of bad bacteria developing resistance against the antibiotics have also been reported in several parts of the world. This is why the cranberry juice is gaining popularity as a supplementary treatment. It has been successful in curbing the spread of these pathogenic bacteria.

Juice as aphrodisiacs

Another way which gives importance to cranberry as fruit and juice is its impact on intimate life. The vitamin A, C in fruit supports circulation of blood, which lifts the erection process. The improved blood circulation overcomes erectile dysfunction.  Vitamin C is a health ingredient for glands keeping intimacy alive. The fruit also has fiber, which clears the gut of waste and keeps a man healthy for intense physical activity. Natural remedies in which balanced diet and fruits are part can reduce the demand for higher doses like Generic Levitra 60 mg dose The moderate degree of erectile dysfunction can be easily cured without medicines.

Improve health of heart

Cranberries are also an excellent source of antioxidants, which prevent damage to our arteries from free radicals.  Nutritionists recommend the brightest berries that will ensure maximum benefits. The polyphenols chemicals in the fruit support good heart health.  It lowers the bad cholesterol in arteries of blood, which increases blood circulation in the body. The people who drank cranberry for 8 weeks had lower LDL.

The males who were facing coronary artery diseases improved their health with cranberry. The stiffness of arteries contracts the blood flow. Any contract in blood vessels increases resistance to erection. The role of medicines dose like Generic Cialis 60 mg online is also to relax blood vessels to facilitate greater flow of blood towards the male organ. When the same effect can be achieved by the natural means there is no need to rely on medicines. The best thing is that natural remedy is always a permanent cure to erection difficulties.


Cranberry juice is healthy juice for its multi health benefits.  Just ensure that you take fresh fruit or juice. Frozen option is the second best way to take the best of the fruit. But canned juice and packed juice is not equal in nutrient values to the fresh variety.

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