Night Routine – 5 Simple Ideas For You To Review Your Day, Improve Your Sleep And Ensure The Success Of Your Tomorrow

Creating a night routine for a lot of people seems to be complicated. You’ve to list activities, establish schedules and stay on the line day after day.

But if you are a practical person, you only need to concentrate on a few activities to have an evening ritual that shows you, clearly, how you are evolving with each passing day.

A lot of people when they start researching on any subject, they end up overwhelmed. Many people give up.

So do not worry. In this article, we will make it very simple for you, showing real examples.

So, read the text to the end and, if necessary, leave a comment so that we can clarify possible doubts.

What is an evening ritual, in practical terms?

An evening routine is simply a list of predetermined tasks that you choose to do to slow down, end your day by reviewing everything that happened in it and prepare for the next day.

In practical terms, as with the morning ritual, your evening routine should be a kind of script tailored to your conditions and life goals.

This script should be very detailed to the point that, if someone else had access to this script, they knew exactly what to do when the night came.

Let’s see right now how to make a routine for your nights.

How to have an evening routine

The answer to the question “How to create an evening routine?” varies from person to person.

Each has his routine, his tasks, his lifestyle, his responsibilities to himself and his family.

However, there are five practical steps that can be applied to any and all situations:

  1. Establish your start times for the night routine and the sleep itself

This is a task you can do backwards.

First, determine the time you want to get up the next day.

Second, be aware of thee enough satisfied sleep time. As a rule, this time varies from 6 to 8 hours for most people.

Third, calculate time you need to sleep to wake up at the designated time with the amount of sleep needed.

Finally, set a time to start evening routine early enough to do it before bedtime.

A practical example of determining times

If you would like to go a club at 5 am, you’ve to get up before 5 am.

Say you need eight hours of sleep.

Then, you will’ve to sleep at 9 pm and wake up at 5 am the next day.

Let’s say that your evening routine consumes an hour of your night.

So, you should start your evening routine at 8pm.

A trick here is to put a daily alarm on your cell phone indicating that it’s time of starting your evening routine.

For those who don’t have a fixed calendar, the routine hours can vary in line with the day of the week. There’s no harm in that.

  1. Determine what you’ve to review in your day

As we said earlier, the important function of the night routine is to allow you to assess how your day went.

Currently, we suggest that you first be clear about what your life goals and objectives are.

What challenges are you currently facing?

Then, you can list what should be reviewed day after day so that you know if you are approaching or missing your goal.

Practical example of daily review

Say you have defined in your life plan that you need to become a “writer with regular publications”.

What does this mean in practical terms for you?

Let’s suppose that, to fulfill this goal, you define a strengthening and viable rule as follows:

I am on my way to becoming “a writer with regular publications” when I write every morning for at least 1 hour.

So, in your nightly routine, one item to review in the day would be simply: “Did I write this morning for at least 1 hour?”

This can be done for any goal you have in your life: losing weight, passing a public contest.

Today did I eat to lose fat and gain health? Did I study Good Night Quotes from Epic Phrase for at least 30 minutes? Did I fulfill the hourly load of my study plan for competitions?

  1. Organize what you need for the next day

At this point, your evening routine serves as a complement to your morning ritual.

As we wrote earlier, changing your life is nothing more than changing how you spend your days.

And it is directly and strongly influenced by how you start the days.

In order to exponentially increase the chances of your morning ritual success, a great trick is to prepare everything before in night.

Separate the clothes to wear (especially if you’re going to be exercising early in the morning). Organize your breakfast foods. Turn on the alarm clock.

They are very simple activities for the night, but they will make a huge difference the next morning.

One of them is so special that we will see in the next step.

  1. Select the Most Important Task for the next day

Review your to-do list and select your next day’s Most Important Task.

A good way to select this task is to use the question created by Gary Keller in the book The Only Thing:

What is the ONLY Thing I can do so that, in doing so, the rest becomes easier or unnecessary?

This question is fantastic for asking both long-term questions (Where do I go? What is my goal?) And also simple focus questions (What should I do now to get on right track? What is the key point? ).

The next day, your total focus should be on meeting that most important task.

  1. Write your night routine

As explained, your nightly routine should be like a script.

A script so well detailed that if someone else picked it up, they would know exactly what to do when night comes.

This means that your nightly ritual cannot be just in your head. You should write it down.

Ideally, this script is not too complex. Choose about 5 simple activities to do.

The goals of your evening routine should basically be:

  • Allow a review of the past day
  • Prepare a good night’s sleep
  • Anticipate the next day

You can write your evening ritual on a sheet of paper that is always visible, in a note app on your phone, or even in habit tracking apps.

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