Packing hacks to help you nail your move to a hostel in Kukatpally

Bigger is not always better. That’s why so many of us choose to exchange our sprawling family homes during college or working years for the cosiness and convenience of PGs and hostels in Kukatpally. And while the smaller space comes in really handy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to condense your entire life into a single room. So, if you’re standing in your bedroom at home wondering how you could possibly fit all your precious belongings into a hostel or dorm, worry no more. We’ve got the packing hacks to help you seal the deal.

Before we dive into the logistics of packing, let’s pause for a quick reminder. The advantage of moving to a hostel is that you don’t need to duplicate your entire childhood bedroom inside it. Think of it instead as a blank canvas for you to try out different styles and decors. Since you’ll probably be going home from your hostel at least once a year, you’ll have the opportunity to switch up your wardrobe according to the season, and even change some of the decor elements to your liking. So, don’t feel pressured to pack all of it before you move. Having said that, if you’re planning to switch to hostel life for a long period of time, and you’re looking at this packing as a project to help streamline your belongings (and life), these hacks are perfect for you. Let’s get started.

Sort your stuff

The first step of any good packing plan is to know what exactly you want to take with you. And moving to a hostel for the first time is a good chance for you to take stock of what you own. Use this time to sort through your belongings and segregate them into different categories. We like to bucket our belongings into four different groups – things you definitely want to take with you, things you might not need in your first few months but would like to pick up or have sent to you later, things you definitely won’t need in your hostel but still want to keep in your home, and things you can get rid of. This segregation is a good chance for you to get rid of any hoarding tendencies, and also plan for the next time you’ll have to pack. This is not a step you want to skip.

Sell the extras

Once you’ve sorted and categorised your belongings, it’s time to first deal with the rejects. You don’t want your things to go to waste. A lot of the things you no longer want, or need may actually be in a good condition, even if you’ve physically (or emotionally) outgrown them. So, why not make a profit out of them instead? There are plenty of platforms online that will allow you to resell your belongings, or you could even organise a sale or swap with your friends. You could also donate any items that fit the bill if you know any reliable organisations or charities.

Save space

After sorting and selling your items, you should be left only with what you want to keep or take with you. And these items need to be packed such that they don’t take up too much space. After all, space is a premium commodity in any hostel room. That’s why you could consider purchasing some vacuum seal bags. These are great for fitting in large amounts in small spaces and will also ensure protection against insects and moths. Use vacuum bags to store the off-season clothes you’re not taking with you as well, and they’ll be pristine by the time you return from hostel for the holidays.

Separate the essentials

A basic mistake that most people make is packing up everything they need, including the essentials. But you don’t want to spend your first night in a hostel scrambling through five different boxes looking for a toothbrush or your phone charger. That’s why it’s important to separate the essentials and pack them into a smaller bag that you can use during the first week in your hostel. We recommend putting your gadgets and chargers as well as your basic toiletries into an essentials kit that will really help you ace your move. Knowing packing secrets like this one can help you avoid paying exorbitant prices to packers and movers in Kukatpally. You’ll be ready to handle the move by yourself.

With these simple hacks, you’ve got the tools you need to pack for your hostel room. So, what are you waiting for? Get those boxes out and get packing.


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