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Parents – Do Not Compromise. Look For These 9 Things In An International School

In today’s globally competitive world, it is but natural for parents to gravitate towards international school. After all, these schools are unique and they offer excellent teaching standards and facilities that help to make each one stand apart from the crowd. A school may be different because of its unique group of students from other countries. Or, it can be outstanding in terms of extracurricular activities it offers. Many international schools have highly-trained teachers who fit well with the school’s mission and vision.

When researching for the best international school, it can be confusing to pin down the qualities that make it the ‘best’. Looking at some of the critical factors will surely help the parents finalise the right school for their child. Some of these factors include:

International curriculum – Most parents desire a challenging curriculum like the Global Montessori Plus Program or India-based CBSE for their child. These programs are designed to allow students to increase their knowledge and act upon what they have learned. An international curriculum ensures that students become creative thinkers and communicators to excel in their future. From primary to high school, students are trained to be more open-minded with well-balanced attributes, which helps them in all spheres of life.

Native language speakers – A majority of parents choose an international school having a team of native-language teachers. Teachers instruct in the native language of the students. Students feel more comfortable and are more confident when they are taught in the medium they are comfortable with. Children can easily and effectively communicate their doubts and questions in their native tongue. Native-language teachers understand a child’s problem more efficiently.

Local partnerships of an international school – A school’s partnerships with local organisations help in improving students’ experience. Students have an opportunity to move outside the school and gain more practical knowledge. Local partnerships ensure that students are exposed to more opportunities. Volunteer work for the local community, or working as a part-time attendant on a fuel station, helps students face new challenges.

Personalised learning – A school with a curriculum based on personalised learning is essential while looking for an international school. Students retain information in different ways, and the approach to guide them accordingly is an essential part of a teaching system. The way a child learns is unique, and the tailored approach to learning will make studies fun. The personalised learning programs are well-balanced to give each student ample opportunities to explore the areas they are more interested in.

Co-curricular activities – Several schools provide activities other than the primary curriculum. Extracurricular activities may include sports, arts and crafts, music, dancing, and other art forms. Parents want their children to grow with various hobbies and a holistic education system to make them a true global citizen.

A world-class team of teachers – A reputed international school is supposed to have a world-class faculty. The critical characteristics of ideal teachers are:

  • Experts in their respective fields with advanced training in their core programs
  • Teachers are willing to contribute to different co-curricular activities
  • The staff loves working with the students and understand that each child is unique
  • Teachers have the vision to make the world a better place

Class size – Another important aspect while choosing the right school is the student-teacher ratio. A large class with more students is tough to handle, and a teacher will be less attentive to every student’s needs. Moreover, students are less likely to follow their teacher in a class with more students and are less confident while raising queries. A smaller classroom will ensure that a teacher focuses more on each child.

A school with balanced programs – A balanced program provides a chance to explore a variety of disciplines. A student can be passionate about different things, and a well-balanced program will help them quench their thirst. The way a student learns is unique, and therefore, it becomes vital for a school to provide opportunities for each type of program. There may be different ways to teach, like through service learning, or even after school classes, balanced programs help provide a child with excellent educational experiences.

State-of-the-art facilities – An excellent high school boasts an exceptional campus designed to promote flexible student resources. A large campus with various sports fields and a well-equipped library is a perfect example of the right school. A smart classroom with interactive learning systems is also one of the demands of the hour.


Parents want a school that can offer their child the best education. They want a school what is unique and will focus on the overall development of their child, instead of focusing on academics alone.  When looking for a school, make sure you take care of the above parameters, so that you can choose a school that will nurture your child just like you do. 

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