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How to move QuickBooks to a New Computer

QuickBooks Desktop

the software named QuickBooks desktop. Q is an accounting management software package manufactured and marketed by Inuit Inc. They mainly focus on small and medium-sized businesses. This on-premises business application accepts business payments, management and payment of bills, and payroll functions.

What if suddenly you need to move out of your hometown due to some emergency? Or you need to relocate your business? QuickBooks can require reinstalling your existing application on a new computer or any other operating device.

There are generally two ways by which you can move or reinstall your QuickBooks on a new computer. One via using the Migrator tool and the other way is manual.

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The Manual technique which comes in handy while you move QuickBooks to a new computer is as follows:

  • Manage to grab a copy of the product number as well as license.
  • Before the reinstallation, you must make sure that you have completely uninstalled the product.
  • Download the files required for installation, or you can also install them via the CD provided.
  • Follow the process to install QuickBooks desktop usually.

There are a few more points we would like to add when you come up with these difficulties:

  • Not having a CD: If you have your license number and product information with you but do not have the CD. You can always make way for downloading the QuickBooks online version.
  • Product Number or License Number Not Available: Open QuickBooks desktop and hit the F2 key. You will find the product name, product number, and license number in the product information window.
  • Is Re-registering On QuickBooks essential after we have reinstalled it: While you make migration to any computer. You will need to re-register to QuickBooks with your credentials. This is a great feature as far as security is concerned.

With this in mind, let us take you through a walkthrough as to how this is done:

  • To initiate the process, click on Help and select Register to QuickBooks.
  • Enter business phone and Postal code when prompted by the software. Intuit will be able to check the required information. So will thereby help you in restoring the QuickBooks files in your previous system. However, if you are reinstalling QuickBooks on a system. Where it was previously installed, you will not need to re-register again.

It is very noteworthy that moving QuickBooks installation from one system to another will not cover the copying of the company files. These files need to be moved separately after successfully copying them in a portable drive.

On the other hand, if you reinstall QuickBooks over a previously installed version. A the particular system, then the company files won’t be affected at all. You will be able to open all those files with the new version of QuickBooks installed on the system.

The migrator tool is another good option to transfer QuickBooks to another system and gives you. The ease of copying up to three files to the system where data is being transferring.

With Migratory Tool, what you need to do is the following:

  • Plug-in your USB in the drive
  • Copy your QuickBooks data and set up a one-time password (OTP).
  • After complete copying, plug off your USB.
  • Now, plug-in this USB in your new computer and enter your one time generated password.
  • Automatically download, install and activate QuickBooks.
  • Now create a password for your QuickBooks to unlock everything that you copied on your new computer.
  • This is used once only by the migratory tool. note down this password to not forget because you will need this password only once.
  • The tool will copy the last three files which were open. The remaining will be copied separately in the USB flash drive.
  • You can use the USB flash drive, but the technical work will be handled by Migratory Tool
  • It will download the correct version of the QuickBooks desktop and set it up with your files.
  • It will not erase or reformat your drive.

Prerequisites for Migrator tool

  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • A USB drive with enough space to hold up your three files usually in the range of 150MB to 200MB

Setting up Migrator tool with Old Computer:

  • Launch QuickBooks and go to the File menu. In the drop-down, select Utilities and then move the cursor to Move to another computer.
  • Select the ready option and generate the OTP
  • Select the drive in which you wish to copy the files and wait till they are copiling.

Activities to Setup QuickBooks on the New Computer:

  • Plug-in the USB flash drive. Due to antivirus and other windows restrictions, the Migrator tool will not pop up.
  • Search for bat in the USB drive files. You need to double click this file to launch the Migrator.Now you will need to enter the OTP to proceed further. The Migrator tool will now perform as required and will download the correct QuickBooks version for your PC. The completion of this work would delete the Migrator files from the drive once the job is over.
  • The tool would be unable to copy some of the files due to certain restrictions. You will need to copy them manually, like additional company files, payroll services, etc. Also, you can choose to make a backup file on the new system.

In Conclusion, QuickBooks Services are very versatile and let you do your accounting business management anywhere and everywhere. The ease of having account details on the go is the best feature that offers

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