Reasons to Use Teardrop Banners for Promoting Your Brand in Trade Shows

teardrop banner

Several types of advertising flags and banners are used to promote your business and its activities. Even though flags and banners are used to boost sales and overall brand awareness, they function differently. They should be chosen with wisdom depending on the situation. Flags and banners are installed outdoors and they come in vibrant colors and eye-catching designs to grab the attention of passersby or people driving by. They are known to impact potential customers profoundly. They sway in the breeze and succeed in grabbing the audience’s attention instantly.

According to Chron, banner advertising is not a recent concept and did not crop up with the growing popularity of the Internet as the current hub of commerce. Experts believe that physical banners were in constant use in the past in offline situations for promoting restaurants, stores, and other local services.

Teardrop banners are excellent for promoting your brand or business in a trade show. If you participate in trade shows, it is essential to focus on enhancing your brand identity and showcasing your business to attract potential customers. Printed pamphlets and digital media are not the only ways of grabbing customer’s attention. Teardrop banners are brilliant tools for promoting your unique products and services and boosting your brand image. Here are some of the top reasons to use teardrop banners as an integral part of your marketing strategy for your business at trade shows.

Supremely Durable

Teardrop flags are now printed using state-of-the-art dye sublimation processes, which means any graphics you print on them will last months or even years without fading or degradation. Most manufacturers also use extremely durable materials that can brave the elements without issue and are washable too, making them perfect for prolonged or repeated use cases. They will last a lot longer if used indoors, but they can be used outdoors without issue for quite some time.

Very Affordable

The cost of entry in the marketing field can be a bit too much to bear for a lot of fledgling companies. This means print media and television ads are likely out of the reach for a lot of small businesses. This segment can do a whole lot of good for their bottom line by instead opting for teardrop flags, which are affordable and also offer some significant benefits. Television ads can be skipped or even missed by your target audience if they are not sitting in front of the TV when they air. They are also obviously very expensive to make since you are hiring a cast, a shooting crew, editors, and so on.

Newspapers have a much more limited reach nowadays and you can’t target as effectively them. Instead, having your banners at various locations outside your store and at conventions attended by potential customers is a more affordable and likely more effective way to increase visibility and reach.

Requires Minimal Space

teardrop banner does not take up too much space at a trade show. It does not require too much storage space either. The banner can be folded into its base, while the telescopic pole that supports the banner can collapse easily to be conveniently folded away.


Teardrop banners are real value for your money as they facilitate maximum visibility. You can print your message and other critical details on both sides. These banners could be safe to use while you are at a trade show. They do not pose any safety risks. Nobody should worry about getting injured because of teardrop banners. There happen to be no protruding parts for causing any harm to anyone.

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