Reasons why computer games soaring popularity


Computer games are a form of entertainment where people love to play them and pass the time. Every year the gaming industry was growing and earned a huge profit amid pandemic as well. The business of the global computer game market forecasted around $159 billion in 2020. Since 90’s when computers were introduced to the common public, Mario and other games entertained our childhood. As time passed, high quality graphics and more features made computer games interested. Apart from interactive features, what else made it so popular? Below are the few attributes that lead to the growth of computer games in the recent past.

Why computer games turned so popular?


In earlier days, there were game parlours and centres where gamers have to commute. They had to travel a long distance to engage in pre-planned games. Later comes casino, which made more games available and frequent, but computer games changed the gaming industry scenario. They are accessible anytime, anywhere on any device. Whether it’s a smartphone, PC or tablet, you only need an internet connection and a supporting operating system to run it. Like computer games, programming assignment help from online academic search engines is equally accessible.


Purchasing an entire gaming console might be an expensive deal for gamers. Additionally, you have to pay more for new versions that come into the market. Conversely, in computer games, you need to pay half the gaming console (If you have a workstation, then only the gaming price you need to pay). Plenty of computer games are free to download, and their new versions are available at a minimal price.  It is possible to play high end games with the advent of affordable gaming routers and gaming monitors. Due to the low price factor, it successfully appealed to many users towards it and visible in public places. Matlab programming help is too affordable for students who have MATLAB programming queries.

Builds a social network

Computer games are beyond horizons and restricted to one territory. Sitting in the USA, you can connect with Australian studs with a gaming challenge.  Computer games build one to one interaction with other communities emerged as a social activity. However, many believed that prolong gaming disconnects today’s generation from their parents and make them depressed. But computer games can act as a bridge that not only connects children but adults too. Both of them can play against each other or with remote candidates. You can meet new friends and gamers across the globe via computer gaming.

It offers a lot of options

Traditional games like cricket, badminton, basketball and others offer less gaming opportunity to you. At the same time, a computer gamer can play all three games simultaneously and explore the category of games. Playing multiple category games build problem-solving skills, time management and eye coordination.  The wider segment in the younger generation opts for computer games because it comes with interactive features and gives them more opportunities to explore games.  Gamers have the option to select their interesting games and convenient for their needs.

In a couple of few years, the gaming industry will develop innovations and technology that can make it more interactive. As many people connect with the online platform for entertainment, a wider segment from it will go with gaming platforms. It relieves work-related stress and can be playable anytime from anywhere.

Above mentioned reasons are few of the factors that make computer games popular and offers you entertainment opportunity. More investments will come into the gaming industry to boost its efficiency and spread to a wider audience. The advent of technologies and multimedia features make it more popular and attracts Gen Y.

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