Replacing a Broken Screen on Your Own is a Way to Save Money

The millions of laptops are broken worldwide every year; and statistically, the most breakable part is an LCD screen. What to do if your laptop screen is broken and you do not have warranty anymore? You may try to find some place to repair or to ask the laptop manufacturer to fix, or to look for a new laptop. As a rule, these options would be not the best for your budget. One of the cost-effective solutions is to replace the laptop screen on your own. In this case, you may save money on the cost of the laptop screen and labor. Do not worry if you are not a tech person – in less than an hour and with a couple of tools, you will be able to replace the screen on your own.

How to Change LCD

First, you will need to define an exact model number for LCD screen replacement. To determine which screen model is compatible with your old panel, you may use some on-line illustrated guide. It shows also how to disassemble the laptop LCD screen.

The next step is to find the companies that sell Wholesale Laptop LCD Screen Internet – normally it is exact the same screen but you will get it fast and for less. Depending on the screen model, the price can be within a range of $50-150 including shipping. The quality of the screens are the same – the reason why some companies can afford to sell them for less is their business model – they buy wholesale with discount.

Note that when the old LCD panel removed, the installation of the new screen is done by following disassembling steps but in reverse order. The screen power connector should be the last connection to make, after the video cables on the back are in place and the screen is attached with screws. The final step, before the bezel inserts into place, is making sure the wires are put in place and not get pinched.