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Safety Tips to Follow During Covid Pandemic

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and new evolved variants, today, every nation is struggling to control the infection and protect its people from the virus.

Covid-19 spreads primarily from person to person via the droplets from a sick or infected person during cough and sneeze. Also, you can come in contact with the virus if you stay close to an infected person and hug them or shake hands.

Symptoms of Covid-19 You Should Know

Covid-19 symptoms are not the same for everyone. Symptoms can vary from person to person. Some symptoms are commonly found, while several symptoms are less common.

Take a note of all the common symptoms of coronavirus:

  1. You get flu-like symptoms without a fever. Headaches, loss of smell, and muscle cramps, including sore throat, cough, and chest pain, are the most common signs of coronavirus.
  2. You may get a fever with loss of appetite along with headache, muscle pain, and sore throat.
  3. Gastrointestinal issues are found in many Covid-19 patients these days with diarrhea and without cough or fever.
  4. With severe coronavirus patients, confusion and fatigue symptoms are common.

To know more about Covid-19 signs and symptoms, book a doctor’s appointment online and speak to a health advisor.

Safety Precautions to Follow

Maintain Safe Distance

As per WHO guidelines, inside your home, you must avoid close contact with the sick person and, if possible, maintain 6 feet distance. Outside your home, one must maintain a 6 feet distance.

Since it is not possible to understand who’s infected and who’s not, it is better to stay at a safe distance and avoid people who are coughing and sneezing. Maintaining distance will prevent the disease from spreading, and you can stop the virus from entering your body.

Ask For Help Early

Delaying medical assistance should be avoided. As soon as you see specific symptoms that you feel a doctor’s help, take doctor’s appointments online. Symptoms like coughing, fever, and shortness of breath start to show at the early stage of coronavirus infection. Necessary tests and prescribed medicines will help you to stay safe and prevent the spread of the infection. That is why no one should neglect flu-like symptoms.

Wash Your Hands

Scientists are yet to find out a cure for the disease. But one of the best precautions as washing hands with soap that can reduce the spread of the virus. One must wash hands:

  • Before eating.
  • After eating.
  • After sneezing and coughing.
  • After getting back home.
  • After coming in contact with someone who shows symptoms.

Keep Hand Sanitizers With You

Always remember to use alcohol-based sanitizers every time you go into a public place or touch anything outside your home. Buy a sanitizer with at least 60 to 90% of alcohol that can effectively kill germs and bacteria.

Wear Proper Facemasks

Using pieces of clothes to wrap the face will not prevent Covid-19 from entering your body. Always wear a proper mask that can filter the air and gives you protection against airborne germs and infection. Wearing a mask is mandatory when you come in contact with an infected person or stay in a congested place. Whether you have symptoms or not, wear a mask when you go out grocery shopping or to your workplace.

In any crowded area, wearing an N95 mask is your best bet against coronavirus, even if you are vaccinated.

Bottom Line

It is best to ensure that you get vaccinated as soon as possible. Especially for people who have to go out daily, they should be vaccinated early. Moreover, you must wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Coronavirus spreads from an infected person’s sneezing and coughing. If you happen to touch any surface that has come in contact with droplets of sneezes or coughs or inhale the air that has the virus, you are likely to get the disease.

So cough or sneeze into a tissue and do not touch your face with unwashed hands. This is necessary for your safety as well as for the people around you.

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