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Selection of Accurate MERV Rating Air Filter


Air conditioner systems are available in every home. To get high-quality air everyone should adjust a filter with this system. As multiple options are provided by shop owners and one who doesn’t know anything about AC filters will get confused and can make a wrong selection. MERV is a standard to define the efficiency and quality of the filters. Using the right MERV rating filter one can cut off the electricity bill and maintain the air quality of the indoor atmosphere.

MERV rating is defined as the minimum efficiency reporting value that efficient measurement ranges from 1 to 20. Be careful at the time of purchase.

Type of air filters on efficiency ranking order 

  • Fiberglass air filter

If the surrounding atmosphere is not much affected by pollution, Fiberglass filter paper with MERV rating 1 to 4 are efficient to clean the house.

  • Electrostatic air filter(MERV 10)

Electrostatic filters are made of paper and cotton fibers that contain a distinct type of magnetic attraction capability to make contact with dust particles. People who stay with a pet should get this one with MErRati g and more. You can ask the manufacturer for customization. The price of an electrostatic filter is comparatively higher than the fiberglass filter.

  • Pleated filters 

These filters are suggested by most of the filter suppliers from MERV 10 to MERV 13. These filters are made with cotton or polyester material. These pleats usually come with q8 pleats per foot. It will need a replacement after a certain time but it doesn’t cost much. 

  • Advanced Pleated filters

These filters come in the range of MERV 14 to 16. These are little advanced filters with 4 to 5-inch thicknesses. These filters are designed with cotton fibers that are installed in specifically designed systems. These are expensive but run for a long time. Therefore, if you are looking for durable filters and extend your purchasing budget advanced pleated filters with MERV point 14 to 16 will be best suitable for your residential places and commercial locations.

  • HEPA filters

These filters provide a superior quality of cleaning environment almost 97.99%. But it may create obstacles in proper airflow. These filters are not good for a room but if you have a big house we will recommend HEPA filters with MERV rating 17 to 20. After installing this one you won’t need to worry about the air quality of every single room. This one is sufficient to take care of every corner of the house.

As these filters propose good benefits investing a little more will be worth it for you.

We have mentioned all significant filters with their effective MERV rating. Now, you can choose one according to your requirements and residential areas. You can find these filtration products in your local market, for the installation of these filters you can call a professional.

You can get the specification and materials of the products on an online website of different filtech fabrics manufacturers. Check the MERV rating, holding capacity, material, competencies, and comparative prices. 

Are they meeting up with the surrounding conditions and industrial standards? Order your favorite HEPA filters,Polyester Filter Cloth, fiberglass filter bag, fiberglass filter paper.

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