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The high demand of skin specialists in Lahore


Skin diseases are a major concern in developing countries. The disease may be from moderate acne to serious conditions such as purpura fulminous, Johnson syndrome etc. The skin disorders may stick to the patient longer but has a very little mortality rate.

So who to refer to when you face any skin disease? A skin specialist should be your choice and you should get your appointment as soon as possible.

The skin disease may be a sign of any other disorder in the body but the information on the pattern of skin disorders is limited. Early identification and treatment of skin disorders is important because there is a risk of spreading the disease.

Skin diseases in Pakistan especially Lahore

Pakistan is facing the problem of pollution. This pollution is not only affecting the environment but is also affecting the health of the people. Due to increase in the pollution, the ratio of skin diseases is increasing. All the cities are facing the problem of burden on the skin specialists.

According to a survey, a total of 95,983 patients came to see the skin specialist in Lahore in the Department of Dermatology, KEMU ( King Edward Medical University). Among these 24,302 were regular patients who came for the follow up while the rest were reported to be new cases.

A significant variety of skin diseases were diagnosed, eczema being the most common among them. Starting from eczema we will talk about a variety of skin diseases common in people that the skin specialist in Lahore are treating

  • Eczema

This disease often refers to the hyperactivity of the body on chemical exposure, particular foods. Your skin might feel itchy and may turn red. It may form itchy bumps or fluid-filled blisters.

The percentage of this disease among the people of Lahore was 31.07%

  • Scabies

The condition is a result of a mite and gets transmitted from one person to another through contact. It was mostly seen in the children of lower ages.

  • Skin Infections

Skin infections refer to the condition in which the skin gets infected due to any bacterial, fungal, or viral agent. The percentage of this condition was 28.16% among all the other skin conditions.

Fungal infections were more common and especially among adults, while bacterial infections were more common in students.

  • Acne 

Acne is a skin condition when your hair follicles become blocked with oil and dead skin cells. It may result in the formation of whiteheads, pimples, or blackheads.

The percentage of this condition in Lahore was 11.03% among the young age group. Various types of acne were diagnosed.

  • Infestations

It refers to a condition in which the arthropods may cause parasitic diseases. The percentage of this disease among the people of Lahore was calculated to be 3.66%.

  • Other skin disorders

Some other skin disorders were also observed but were below 2%. The disorders were bullous disorder which was 1.66% among the patients. The connective tissue disorder was also seen among the population and the percentage was 0.90%. Various vasculitides were also observed and their percentage was 0.66%.

Why is Lahore facing these problems? 

Well majority of the skin conditions are due to allergens, mites, bacteria, fungi, etc. which are directly or indirectly related to the pollution. 

Lahore ranks as one of the most polluted cities in the world according to the data released by the US air.

How can we protect ourselves from these?

Though the environmental condition of the country is not good but still we can protect ourselves from the dangers of pollution by maintaining proper hygiene, planting more trees, wearing a mask in places you think contains more chemicals in the environment.

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