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The Importance of a Loft Insulation

The Importance of a Loft Insulation

One has to understand how spray loft insulation would work at their household before opting for one. Using an appropriate insulation is said to have many benefits for home owners. We look at some of the most significant one’s for you as a homeowner.

This would help you decide why you would need a loft insulation. You would also begin to understand how it can help you in more ways than one in the longer run. The pros or the importance of these insulations is what we look at below.

Why Choose Loft Insulation?

It is one of the cost-effective ways in which you can choose to improve your home. People who choose to do a loft insulation tend to enjoy greater benefits than the ones who do not. You can either do to DIY or choose to have a professional installer do the insulation for you.

Top Benefits of Insulation

There is no point in a person having a spray foam loft insulation done if it does not bring about good benefits. Apart from it being cheaper than other alternative options the spray insulation is also considered to be very effective. The benefits are as follows:

  • Saving on Energy Bills: This is one of the predominant reasons for people to choose spray soft insulation for their homes. Up to 50% of your energy bills can be brought down using a loft insulation at your home.
  • Heat Loss Reduction: It is estimated that most of the heat for a home is often lost through its roof. This is quite significant and gives you more reasons to create a thermal barrier to ensure that the heat stays inside while it is cold outside.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: You are able to contribute towards the ecosystem when you choose spray foam loft insulation at your home. This installation tends to leave less of a carbon footprint when compared to other options available.
  • Increases Home Value: Many people choose to have their home value increased. This is one of the better ways by which you can have the value increased when you have a loft insulation done.
  • Reduces Noise Inside: It is imperative that you do not allow external noises to enter your home. There is no better option to do it than to have a spray foam loft insulation done at your home.

Condensation in Loft

Loft Insulation have many different causes of this type of condensation. Loft Condensation is made worse by a lack of ventilation in the home. loft water tanks and in particular, hot water tanks that don’t have lids to prevent steam from entering the loft space, an existing roof vents have been blocked by loft insulation.

Ceiling Insulation

When you add extra insulation to the celling it will reduce home or office temperature in the loft, so celling many worsen although this is rarely the sole cause.


To conclude, these factors give you enough reasons for you to have your loft insulated. You get to enjoy staying at home during the winter and also ensure that the heat is retained by all means with loft insulation.


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