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The ways which are the cause of banned of your Gmail account


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Causes of banned

All we know that Gmail accounts are much effective for different purposes. And due to its facilities, about all social media users want to get the advantages from its services. So, the numbers of its users are increasing in millions every week. But there are some such activities through which you can lose your Gmail account. And once you have lost your Gmail accounts, then it is very difficult to recover them. So, before creating an account, you should read the terms and conditions of Gmail. And then compare that will you face the terms and conditions of Gmail. However, here we will discuss some activities through which your Gmail account could be banned.

Don’t use another person name in emails as well as username

When you want to create Gmail accounts or want to buy Gmail accounts, then you should use your own name. For example, if you are using the name of any other person in your emails or in your username then it is illegal. Doing these types of activities, not only your Gmail account will be blocked or banned. But you will be punished with fines as well as you should go to jail. So, please avoid these types of activities and don’t try them.

Don’t send emails to the refused person

If you are using Gmail accounts for your personal as well as business purpose, and if any unknown person is sending you email again and again. Then you can request him to cut your address from its list and not send you emails in the future. And if any person cannot on this policy then you can complain against that email address and then this account will be blocked.

Don’t sell email accounts

If you will sell email addresses, then the impression and quality of these accounts will be decreased. So, avoid this activity. And selling email addresses without permission is illegal and its result will be banned on your account. These types of activities are not good for your account and can damage your account.

Don’t send emails to unknown people

There are some restrictions on Gmail that could be followed by all its users. And the users who cannot follow these restrictions could be punished by banned from their accounts. You are not allowed to use meaningless emails, files, or documents to an unknown address. If you want to make properly used your Gmail accounts, then you should not send emails or ask questions from unknown users without any reason. But with a valid reason, you can send emails to be known as well as unknown people in limited numbers.

Spreading unwanted data

You are not allowed to send dirty and harassing data to other people. Because these types of activities can prove bad for your Gmail accounts. If anyone complaints against you for sending unwanted data, then you will be banned from Google. And you cannot use Gmail accounts for more time. So, take care and try to upload or send pretty pictures and useful data on your account.

Don’t post data that is against children

You should use your Gmail accounts as a good person. And post good things on your Gmail accounts. Because through this, you and your business impression will be increased, and you could use a Gmail account for a long time. When you will post data that is against children, then your account will be blocked. So, avoid post child pornography, drugs, wine, and other such types of things and pictures. When you will buy Gmail accounts, then try to use these accounts for legal purposes.

Don’t share the data of other users without permission

If you have like a data or post and you want to share it, then you will need to get permission. Because, without permission, you cannot share the data even it is related to any person, community, or other things.

Don’t share illegal data with others

If you want to download porn movies, pictures, music, or such type of other content, then you are not allowed to share this data with even your friends. If you will break this role, you will be banned.

Above, we have discussed some reasons and situation through those you could be blocked. So, buy Gmail accounts, but not use it as it is prohibited.

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