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Things to Consider for Hajj Packages 


Hajj is the holiest moment that every Muslim wants to have it once in their life span. But if you are one of them who wasn’t able to accomplish this obligation this year, then you should plan it for the next year as Muslim must perform Hajj who can afford it.  

It is the essential pillar of Islam, and it is much more important than any spiritual and religious activity. Hajj shows us equality and teaches us patience, and it also develops a fear of the day of judgement in our hearts. So, if you are planning the Hajj trip, you are investing your real-life money. In many countries, the price of a Hajj trip dramatically increased in the past few years.  

It will help if you are looking for the reasonable Hajj packages that you can afford easily. Here we are enlisting the steps that you need to consider while planning the Hajj tour. 

Try to save Money 

Hajj is the most important and essential event of the Muslims, and they want to make it comfortable and reliable. So, the agencies offering their services for planning a smooth and affordable Hajj tour will enhance your experience. We all know that the Hajj packages are increased in the past few years, so you need to save your money to avoid any hurdles and problems.  

Hajj is mandatory for those who can afford it, and it drops off your sins and makes you clean like a newborn baby. However, it is also mandatory to pay all the debts before accomplishing Hajj.  

Find a sponsor and subsidy 

Before planning a trip of Hajj try to look for sponsors and discounts. Many countries are now providing discounts and subsidy for the Muslims for Hajj trip. But India’s government said that would end up the subsidy soon. The subsidy is the discount for groups in the areas where the Muslims are in the majority.  

The groups could be the student groups, University groups, Islamic centres, mosques who raise funding’s for those Muslins who has a strong desire for Hajj but can.t afford it. If you are one of them, you must look for the sponsor as they will surely give you a discount on Hajj packages.  

Try to apply Early 

The Saudi Arabia government has limited the number of pilgrims who can perform Hajj yearly. So, apply for Hajj trip as soon as possible. The seats are limited for Hajj pilgrims in some countries like Egypt and Turkey. And some surveys show that the Muslims usually apply for the next year’s Hajj before this year’s hajj obligations. So, apply for the Hajj trip as soon as possible because of the limited seats and limited opportunities. 

Find a trustworthy Travel agency 

You are going to invest your real money for the Hajj trip so look for the travel agency that must be trustable. It is sad to know that more than 80% of travel agencies are fake and try to make people fool by making their fake visas.  

So, before giving them your real money, you should check out all the reviews on their website, and if the company is trustworthy, then you should use their services. 

Why work out is necessary for Hajj? 

Hajj is not only the financial trip but for performing all its rituals, you must be physically fit. So, daily work out is necessary for Hajj trip. 


Hajj is essential for Muslims, and it has much importance in every Muslim’s life. So, read all the instructions mentioned in this article and plan a comfortable and reliable trip with affordable Hajj packages


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